How Much Is a GameCube Worth Today?

How Much Is A GameCube Worth Today?

The GameCube is an incredible console, and it is likely Nintendo’s most successful attempt to compete on performance. It’s well-made and, in person, a nice-looking console, especially the black version, which I prefer. I love my GameCube, which I’ve owned for years.

Nowadays, GameCube’s are either expensive or cheap; either one or the other. So, let’s see how much is a GameCube worth today and see how much you are likely to earn or how much you will have to spend. 

I will address this concern in this article and talk about some of the most popular GameCube hybrids and show off limited editions and color variants.

What is a GameCube worth?

What is a GameCube worth?

The GameCube was Nintendo’s third attempt at a home video game console and was an immediate success, selling over 123 million units worldwide. The GameCube was the first console with two pieces of hardware to be released. It had a detachable GameCube controller that required its power supply and a GameCube cartridge that could be inserted into a GameCube without using a GameCube console.

It was the first game console capable of recording a video game in real-time and the first to contain a built-in microphone and mic/line-out combo. It was also the first system to implement online play.

How Much Is A GameCube Worth Today?

How Much Is A GameCube Worth Today?

On eBay or second-hand retailers, a GameCube may cost $59 to $405 depending on size and whether it comes with extra peripherals. GameCube controllers are also available for $10 to $30. The spicy orange controller, for example, might cost up to $70. Depending on the game, a game might be worth anywhere from $8 to well over $200.

You may look up the price of a game now by searching for it on Video Game Prices & Values. Be careful to type in the exact game title; it should appear in the suggestions. Consoles that are still in their original boxes, on the other hand, are generally special edition items and may cost much more, with some selling for $3000. 

On a side note, it’s unlikely, but if you have a GameCube RGB cable, you can easily get one on eBay for $200.

How Much Is a GameCube Panasonic Q Worth Today?

How Much Is a GameCube Panasonic Q Worth Today?

For those that don’t know, the GameCube Panasonic Q, also known as the GameQ among GameCube enthusiasts, is a version of the Nintendo GameCube that can play DVDs, VCDs, and audio CDs, and MP3 CDs.

As compared to the GameCube, it has a few additional features. It offers Dolby 5.1 surround sound, an LCD, CD and DVD playback, and a front-loading disc tray that can support all multimedia formats.

The Panasonic Q is designed to complement the Nintendo GameCube, which lacked DVD playback, which its competitors, the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, did.

I recently bought a second-hand GameCube Panasonic Q and was surprised at how much it cost without the games. That said, it’s in excellent shape and came with the original box, so this will keep its value.

A used GameCube Panasonic Q is priced between $618 and $930, depending on whether or not it comes with the original Panasonic branded controller and remote. But looking at it, it’s a gem.

Low sales counts are one of the key reasons why the Panasonic Q has a high price, with boxed refurbished consoles costing close to $1,000.

How Much Is a GameCube Char’s Console Bundle Worth Today?

How Much Is a GameCube Char's Console Bundle Worth Today?

Based on how many of the original package pieces are included in the sale, a second-hand GameCube Char’s Console Bundle may be valued anywhere from $287 to $971. The custom GameCube version gets the most money on second-hand sites out of all the custom GameCube variations.

The console and controller in the original DOL-001 special package had the Gundam logo. It also includes a Gundam Char figure and a GB player that fits into the console’s bottom. The Char console alone sells for roughly $300, but second-hand bundles have gone for $971.

Sealed packages often sell for over $1,200, demonstrating that the finest Gundam games continue to command gamers’ respect.

  • Limited Editions
  • Hanshin Tigers 2003 model

Despite having little knowledge of the Hanshin Tigers, a Japanese baseball team after which the Hanshin Tigers 2003 model is named, this model was released after the Hanshin Tigers (a Japanese baseball team, by the way) won the championship in 2003. At first, it said it came with a jersey when purchasing the model.

Hanshin Tigers 2003 model was released in a small quantity, and it appears that they were made to honor the baseball team. Used sealed packages cost $190, while refurbished packages cost $650.

  • Gundam GameCube Enjoy Pack Plus

A used Enjoy Pack Plus will cost you at least $189, while a refurbished version will cost you at least $400.

Gundam GameCube Enjoy Pack Plus is a hardware and software bundle that brings together some of the best features of the GameCube, including the iconic gamepad, to provide all the fun and excitement of the system but with even more options for gaming.

The included gamepad is the best version available, with great response time and functionality as the original GameCube controller, plus an integrated microphone and speaker for voice chat.

It comes with a pair of controllers to play with a friend, and the GameCube AC adapter delivers the same power and connectivity as the original adapter, so you can plug in any GameCube games, accessories, and more and play right away.

The GameCube game disc is pre-installed with Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros.

GameCube Color Variants

1. The standard Indigo GameCube

I would argue that the aggressive design of this incredibly durable, compact little box has outperformed its competitors.

2. The Jet-Black GameCube

It looks a lot better with the orange power light turned on. Isn’t black the most practical color?

3. The Platinum Silver GameCube

Silver is believed to have an eye on car resale value, but silver on gaming consoles is more risqué.

4. The Spice Orange GameCube

Fans who never got around to getting one of these wonderful models still have an envious gaze and furtive eBay search for the Spice Orange GameCube.

Final Verdict

Even though GameCube’s are no longer made by Nintendo, the GameCube is still easily available, and its current price is a fraction of what it was when it was first released. GameCube’s may be found for as cheap as a few dollars on places like eBay if you want a better deal.

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