Golf Equipment Checklist for Beginners and Experts

Golf Equipment Checklist for Beginners and Experts

For any new player, looking to find their way into the classy game of golf, having the right set of equipment is essential. Even if you cannot gather the entire collection, you need to get the bare essentials first and build your arsenal from there. What most people do not understand, however, is where to start.

It can get confusing since golfing requires a lot of different items. Even if you have the essential elements covered, some peripherals add a lot of value to your collection and enhance your experience with the game. Peripherals such as golf gloves, although it does not seem much, offers a lot of utility in this sport.

In this guide, we will lay down a complete list of all the golfing equipment you will ever need to have the best experience with this game.

We will divide the entire article into two sections covering both the essential items and those that you can get by without buying. That way you can decide for yourself, where you want to spend your money.

Essential Equipment Needed for Golfing

In the first section, let us take a look at the things that are critical to just starting the game. Without these products, you cannot think of playing golf at all.

Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are the most crucial equipment when you want to play, and is where you should start setting up your inventory. Depending on your budget, you can either opt for a complete set or buy individual pieces steadily. Another way you can save some money is by investing in a secondhand set of clubs.

We will discuss in-depth about different types of golf clubs in a later section.

Golf Balls

Similar to golf clubs, you cannot imagine playing golf without the balls. There is a plethora of golf balls that you can find on the market, each with different perks. One may feature greater driving distance, while another may give you higher precision.

For this reason, unfortunately, you cannot get by with only one ball in your inventory. You need to stock up whenever you get a chance. Ideally, you would want to buy a few boxes when starting out, since it is quite easy to lose them in the woods or the lake.

Golf Tee

Ever seen those small stands from which you shoot the golf balls? Those are known as golf tees. It helps you get a better shot on the ball by letting you hit from the bottom without making contact with the ground. A quality golf tee allows you to get the perfect swing without worrying about the dampening effect of grass below.

Depending on the type of tee you use and how far into the ground, you place it, you get different results. By putting it higher from the ground, you can get greater distance while a more grounded tee will give you improved accuracy. No matter your preference, make sure you buy one of high-quality that offers you these adjustability options.

Golf Bag

Now that you have gathered the necessary supplies, you need a convenient way to carry them from one hole to the other. This is where a golf bag comes in handy. There are many quality options available in the market at different price points. The bag you buy mostly depends on your budget and requirements.

As a beginner, you can get by with just a basic golf bag. You can even find a set of clubs that come equipped with a bag if you want to save on your budget. They offer great value as you get everything you need to get started in a convenient package.

Additional Golfing Supplies

With all the essential elements covered, you can get started on your game right away. However, some additional equipment will ensure that you have the perfect golfing experience. Though they might not seem to contribute to your skill directly, they will help you have an easier time during extended game sessions.

Golf Gloves

Golfing gloves are essential if you want to have a good grip on your clubs at all times. And with a good grip, your strokes will be more energetic, and you will be able to direct the movement of the ball with higher accuracy. It also prevents sweats from building up in your hand, preventing bad smell, and keeping your hands fresh.

Buying a pair of golf gloves is a small investment for the utility it offers. Yes, some products are highly expensive, but as a beginner, you can invest in an essential pair, and later when you need, you can move on to a higher-end unit. Although it is not critical to playing golf, it is definitely helpful.

Golf Shoes

Yes, you can play golf with any pair of sneakers you have lying around the house. However, with golf shoes, you make sure that you will have the best possible experience walking on the course. And in some golf clubs, golf shoes are a requirement for you to be a member.

When buying a shoe for golfing, pay attention to two things. One is your comfort since you will be walking around a lot with them, and the other is the grip. Also, make sure that the shoe fits tightly on your foot, and there is no space for you to slide around. It will give you the most stable experience.

Hats and Sunglasses

Hats and sunglasses make sure that you always have the perfect vision even on a sunny day. The glare from the sun can mess with your aim, especially when you are driving the ball from the tee. Hats and sunglasses solve this problem offering some protection from the glare.

Hats also protect your head from the direct heat of the sun. A standard game of golf can last a long while. So, you need to be prepared to stand in the sun for long hours and for that you need the hat. Sunglasses improve your vision and protect your eyes from direct glare and heat.

Sunscreen and Lip Balm

As we already mentioned, the sun is a common hazard in a golf course. Since golf is played mostly in the summer, you will be exposed to severe heat and direct sunlight on your skin. To prevent any unfortunate skin conditions, you need to use ointments and lotions to protect against it.

Having a sunscreen at hand goes a long way in making your time at the course more enjoyable. If you have any skin allergy, you want to prevent as much heat as you can from making contact on your skin, and a sunscreen allows you to do that. A lip balm does the same thing for your lips.

Water Bottle

When you are out on the course, playing golf, it is important to stay hydrated. Golfing generally involves long hours of walking and standing around in the heat under the sun. Before you know it, exhaustion and fatigue can creep up on you without warning.

Having a water bottle allows you to drink plenty of water keeping your body hydrated and the stress at bay. It is a minimal investment that seems unreasonable to pass up. You can even keep the bottle in your golf bag so that you do not have to carry it by yourself at all times.

Range Finder

A golf range finder is a handy tool that allows you to measure the distance of the target. Is it vital to playing golf? Probably not. But it does give you a lot of utility. It will help you develop a notion of how far you can go with the force that you apply behind each shot, slowly building you up as a better player.

A range finder for golf can be quite expensive, especially those with many modern features. However, as a new golfer, you can go with something that shows you just the basic information. Even if you cannot afford one, do not worry, you will still be able to play and learn without much trouble.

Types of Golf Clubs That You Need

Golf clubs can be quite expensive and may require a hefty investment for a newcomer. There are many different varieties for you to choose from, but thankfully, you do not need all of them to start.

In the following section, we will look at the clubs that are essential for you as a beginner to start learning how to play golf.

Driver or 1 wood

First off, you need a decent driver for your set so that you can get a good distance in your first shot. The driver is the longest club of the bunch and is the one you use to start the game. As a result, you need to find a unit that you are comfortable with so that you can get the best start in the game.

In reality, the driver is basically a wood club with a longer shaft. Because of the long handle, you can put more power behind your shot, allowing you to drive the ball to a greater distance. If you can afford it, go for a unit with graphite or carbon fiber shaft.

3 Wood

Apart from the driver, you need another wood in your arsenal. Its purpose is to provide greater loft compromising a bit on the driving distance. Professional golfers usually keep around three woods in their bag to have enough options for all the holes.

After using your driver to set the ball off, you can use 3 wood to drive it further towards the hole. It does take some practice on your part to get the hang of it. But once you do, you will be able to handle any golf course with little to no effort.

Short, Middle and Long Irons

Irons will be your most versatile weapons in a game of golf. It will help you get the ball on the green. Irons are known for their ability to cut through grass and achieving higher lofts than woods. Typically, you would want three irons in your inventory at all times.

9 Iron

Firstly, you want a short iron in your hand, and the best candidate is the 9 iron. It provides high accuracy and a short distance ranging from around 80 to 130 yards

5 or 7 Iron

For the middle iron, you can choose between 5 iron or 7. Ideally, you would want to get a club with a larger face so that you have the best accuracy and loft.

3 Iron or hybrid

Finally, the three iron will give you the distance while allowing a decent amount of loft. It will be your go-to club for the second or third shot when you want to get the ball as close as you can to the green.

Sand wedge

A sand wedge, as the name suggests, is the club that helps you get the ball out of the sand trap. Do not let the name fool you; it is essentially a special type of iron. Nowadays, you can find many wedges on the market. Still, just a basic sand wedge should be sufficient for a beginner.

The sole purpose of these clubs is to get the ball out of the trap. As a result, they provide minimal distance and the highest loft. However, you can also use them to make a short shot to lob the ball inside the green when you need it. For a beginner, it might not be very easy to master, so make sure you practice with it properly before using it in a real game.


The last, yet one of the most essential clubs that you need to have in your inventory is the putter. It is what helps you guide the ball into the hole and can only be used when the ball is in the green. Unlike the woods and the irons, you only need one putter in your bag.

However, choosing a putter is not so simple. Many different designs can contribute to a wide range of factors, such as striking power or comfort. Some even feature grooves that allow you to have more control behind your shot. As a beginner, you should choose one that feels the most comfortable to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy everything on the list to start golfing?

Yes and no. You will notice that we have divided the equipment checklist into two sections. If you buy the items listed in the essential equipment section, you can start playing. The additional item list will offer you an enhanced experience, but if you are limited by your budget, you can skip them for the time being.

Do I need two woods in the golf bag to play the game?

Not necessarily. Having a driver and a 3 wood will give you a lot of flexibility when shooting. But if you have a driver in your inventory, you should be all set to play.

Should I hire a professional golf instructor?

If you are serious about learning the game, hiring an instructor will help you get the hang of it in a short time. Whether you need to hire someone depends on your target and your ability to pick up the skill. So if you are having a hard time learning, there is no better way to go than hiring an instructor.

Can I learn golf without a golf instructor?

Definitely. Golfing requires a lot of practice and patience to learn. An instructor just helps guide you in the right direction. You can find many online tutorials if you look on the internet, which can help you learn the game. However, you will not get that hands-on help that you get with a real instructor.

How far can I hit with 1 wood or driver?

How far you can hit with your driver depends on many factors such as the club, or even the skill of the golfer. To be completely honest, there is no such thing as the wrong distance when making the first shot. Professionals can shoot from anywhere between 230 to 320 yards. As a recreational player, you should aim for somewhere between 195-205 yards.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. This extensive list of items should give you enough information about where you should spend your money as a beginning golfer. It should help you take your first step in this game, and help you build your way up to the top.

However, keep in mind that there is more to this game than what you use or play with. Golfing requires a lot of skill, and it tests your patience and ability to hit the target with precision. The best equipment in your arsenal is all the time you spent practicing and the skills that you picked up in the training grounds

We hope our extensive equipment list could help you identify your basic requirements as a beginner looking to test themselves in this artful game of golf.

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