Top 6 Best Wooden Train Sets In 2022 (Reviewed And Guided)

Top 6 Best Wooden Train Sets In 2023 (Reviewed And Guided)

Playing with trains is one of the nostalgic childhood memories I still hold onto. The experience opened up my mind, allowing my imagination to run wild. Today, these trains are sophisticated and quite classy for a child living at this age.

You shouldn’t deny your children an opportunity to explore with them. If you go out in search of the best wooden train sets today, you will get overly fascinating varieties. Nearly all modern parents place these timeless toys at the top of their lists, so they are readily available.

Top 6 Best Wooden Train Sets (Reviewed And Guided)

If you feel it’s time to buy several sets for your youngsters, I’ve highlighted the most sustainable picks based on what each is good for. I’m certain you will get a perfect fit for each child.

Our Top 6 Best Wooden Train Sets Review

I have based my research on the industry’s leading wooden train sets for children of various ages. They all have a solid construction and are made of wood. My compilation has been guided by reviews made by parents who have already bought their kids these sets. 

01. KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Wooden Train Set & Table

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Why It Stands Out to Me

This wooden train set is the best you can buy to encourage big imaginations in your 3-year-olds and older kids. I found its wooden components intelligently detailed with colorful illustrations.

The set is also big enough to accommodate several kids at a time. Assembling it shouldn’t be a concern either, because it comes with clear instructions that your 5-year-old can understand. 

My Experience with It

While reviewing this set, I was excited to know the value it holds. I particularly loved that it has a strong construction to match most toddlers’ aggressive imaginations. The exciting images of grass and other natural elements will be a great motivation.

If you’re looking for durability, that’s what you will get in this wooden train set. The borders come with a unique frame that averts scratching as your kids play. 

Talking of additional features, this wooden train package has a helicopter and an air base. There’s also a small runway and several other exciting wooden elements like a mountain and a cascade.

What I Didn’t Like 

While the package comes with several amazing tools and good quality, I found the trains to be few. People who buy the package may have to purchase extra trains.

Who Is This Great for?

This wooden train set was made with curious kids in mind. Therefore, it’s a perfect fit for toddlers and preschoolers. But, even adults can sit down and stimulate their minds as they play with their children.

What Could Be Improved?

When testing the tracks, I realized it reaches a point where they run across the roads. The manufacturers should add more configurations for flawless track movement.


  • Material: MDF wood plastic
  • Lip size: 1.5 inches


  • Comes with 120 vibrant components that help kids keep discovering new routes
  • Highly compatible with most train tracks in the market
  • Ideal table height and top size
  • Comes with three storage bins


  • You may need to stick the track a bit to prevent it from moving too fast because it can frustrate toddlers
  • It may not be ideal for small spaces

02. Orbrium Toys 100 Piece Triple Loop Wooden Train Set

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Why It Stands Out to Me 

Having been made for kids, this wooden train set is the safest and the best for pretend play. It’s tested and certified by CPSC, not to mention that it complies with CPSIA. The package comes with high-quality locomotives propelling around the track.

My Experience with It

I had to include this package on my list of the best picks for little engineers. I loved the fact that it comes with several extras

If you need to add more trains or other parts, it’s simply because the package is highly compatible with the Brio railway system. You can also buy Thomas wooden elements and use them on the set to add to the fun.

I was careful to observe that despite being a perfect fit for toddlers, it can also accommodate older kids. It has 3-way tracks that give room for expansion depending on who is playing.

Having been made of beechwood, this is certainly one of the best gifts you can buy your little engineers. Beechwood is sturdy plus it polishes pretty well. Have I told you that it has a high ability to withstand shocks?

What I Didn’t Like 

I found the straight tracks to be few. The manufacturer could add more to complete the beauty of this amazing package.

Who Is This Great for?

Orbrium 100-piece is an ideal package for kids aged 3 and above. I have told you about its ability to extend when the kids outgrow the basic play for 3-year olds.

What Could be Improved?

Some parents wished there were more track varieties. Perhaps it would make the plays more exciting without buying Thomas wooden extras to play with mixed sets. The manufacturer could look into it and produce more tracks.


  • Material: beechwood
  • Measures 12 by 9 by 6.5 inches


  • Versatile with a broad range of elements 
  • Compatible with many other wooden train packages including Chuggington, Brio, and Thomas
  • Affordable
  • Highly durable


  • Some customers complained about some components missing from the package
  • The bridge is a bit fragile and could break if pulled vigorously

03. BRIO My First Railway – 33727 Beginner Pack

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Why It Stands Out to Me 

Safety is everything when it comes to child play. I find this wooden train set remarkable because it’s the best you can give a baby as young as 18 months.

Sometimes it gets challenging to find a perfect gift that thrills a baby while stimulating their creativity. If this has been you, look no further. I highly recommend Brio’s 33727 beginner pack to any parent.

I’m more confident in the brand that has been delivering high-quality wooden train sets since 1884. Their toddler sets also stand out because of the brilliant color combination. I will carry the package home and recommend it any day.

My Experience with It 

Looking at this train’s setup, it’s meant to help children with hand-eye coordination. This, in return, stirs up the imagination, exposing the child to the healthiest experiences at a tender age.

There is no better exposure you can give your little one than this. The game keeps them busy while making them better persons. It also inspires their ability to reason.

Although the train setup isn’t as realistic, it has a variety of circuits for kids between 18 months and 3-years-old.

On evaluating it, I couldn’t spot a single safety hazard for kids. I understand the manufacturer undertakes over a thousand safety tests annually to ensure the toys are entirely safe.

What I Didn’t Like 

I found this set to be too fictional for older kids.

Who Is It Great for?

This is a perfect starter pack for kids aged 18 months to 3 years. It helps them develop great coordination between hands and eyes.

What Could Be Improved

Although most people expressed great satisfaction, a few parents felt the set had a little room for expansion. You may have to buy more elements in the future when the kid gets bored after exploiting all the circuits.


  • Material: wood
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15*11*5 inches


  • Straightforward installation
  • Makes interesting sounds that are exciting for children to play
  • Has an appealing packaging


  • No extra elements so older kids may find it boring

04. SainSmart Jr. Wooden Train Set for Toddler

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Why It Stands Out to Me

I loved the fact that the game can accommodate several other players to allow interaction. Apart from developing your child’s fine motor skills, this set will also enhance their social skills.

It will be good for you to watch them practicing role-playing at that age. It has four magnetic train cars among other delightful elements.

My Experience with It 

While assessing SainSmart Jr.’s wooden train set, I found myself smiling in awe. The package gives older children the best experience in learning as they create new circuits.

No doubt this is one of the very best wooden train sets for 5 year olds. While trying to drive it, I realized that parents can play with their children. It’s not just fun, but also strengthens the parent-child bond.

Its size is also pretty ideal. Four magnetic tracks, vehicles, trees,  and cows are just some of the elements enclosed in the package.

What I Didn’t Like 

Although most things about this train set were amazing, I think it’s a bit small and only a few 5-year-olds can use it at a time. Either way, it remains an ideal pick for a relatively small group of players.

Who Is It Great for?

SainSmart Jr. wooden train set is ideal for inquisitive toddlers and preschoolers seeking to utilize their time in creative play. If they find the figure eight design boring, you can always buy more elements. Thankfully, the package is compatible with most prominent brand tracks.

What Could Be Improved

Although the double-sided tracks made the design outstanding, they may frustrate younger kids, like the 3-year olds. However, older kids are likely to grasp the concept fast and enjoy navigating the train tracks.


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Design: 37 pieces double side track
  • Material: 100% Australian beech and birch wood


  • Resilient construction
  • A collection of elements like trees, people, vehicles, and more make the game more fun
  • Train cars are not limited to rails only; they can ride on the surface
  • Older kids find double-sided tracks more interesting


  • This package contains some relatively small components that could easily get lost

05. BRIO World 33210 – Rail & Road Loading Set

51eqTXULMdL. SL500

Why It Stands Out to Me

The first thing to catch my eye was the quality of the beechwood making this wooden train set. Its design is made in such an intensive way that it fits any inquisitive child aged three and above. It has a total of 32 pieces including magnetic gibbers meant for packing and unpacking train cars.

As a child advances their skillfulness, they can use a crane arm to collect rocky elements. These ones use a magnetic connection.

My Experience with It 

I have already reviewed Brio’s beginner’s starter pack, right? Now this package is the real deal to take up after ditching the beginner’s pack. It will raise your child’s skill-set to a whole new level because the game is quite engaging.

After evaluating it for a while, I can assure you it’s the best wooden train set you can buy for your preschoolers. After exhausting the playing components fully, you can expand it because it is compatible with every other wooden BRIO wooden train set.

Brio World 33210 fosters creativity and helps kids to develop amazing skills that guide their decision-making even in life. I realized the routes a child is expected to navigate can at times be challenging even for adults. To crack the code, a child has to think critically and creatively.

What I Didn’t Like 

This package does not come with a storage box. It means you would have to incur extra costs buying one.

The set has several small components, making it hard for babies to play alongside their older siblings.

My Recommendation 

I highly recommend that you observe the age limit when buying this set. Each item comes with clear specifications. Following the manufacturer’s instructions will help you avoid all probable safety hazards.


  • Style: Set
  • Material: wood
  • Dimensions: 27 by 20 by 5 inches
  • Recommended age: 3-10 years


  • Perfect for enhancing a child’s spatial awareness
  • Compatible with all Brio wooden train set components
  • Entirely safe for kids aged 3 and above
  • Several construction-themed cars
  • High-quality material
  • 100% safe for all children between 3 and 10 years


  • Lacks a storage box

06. Little Tikes Real Wooden Train and Kids Table Set

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Why It Stands Out to Me

If you’re looking for the best wooden train set and table, I assure you to look no further. Little Tikes offers the best wooden train set that stimulates your child’s brain to run free.

I loved the traditional look and durability that comes with the set considering that most parts are wooden. Also, these wooden components have a striking appearance because they are hand-painted.

Most little kids rarely see the need for sharing. This wooden train set teaches toddlers and preschoolers how to share and develop social skills. You realize it doesn’t stop at having fun, but also molds the child into a better person.

My Experience With It 

Upon examining this wooden train set, I realized it offers so much fun for kids and adults alike. First, the kit has a myriad of components that kids relate to.

The set’s table allows kids to put all their tools in a truckle, which when full, overturns to showcase two different landscapes. Each time they repeat the procedure, the table shows a different design. I loved this uniqueness that can engage your little ones for the longest time.

What I Didn’t Like 

After playing, your kids cannot carry the set around comfortably as it’s not portable.

Who Is This Great for? 

Generally, the table accommodates kids of all ages but is most suitable for kids over three years. Even the storage drawers are pretty baby-friendly, so the kids can do a lot on their own. The table legs are wide and strong to accommodate all the weight.

What Could Be Improved? 

Some parents complained about the table edges peeling. The manufacturer should improve it to ensure the kids enjoy this remarkable package for the longest time.


  • Color: multicolored
  • Material: wooden
  • Dimensions: 25.5 by 30.75 by 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 27lbs


  • Highly durable because of the strong construction
  • Sizable play surface to accommodate full wooden train sets
  • Easy assembling
  • Perfect storage
  • Adjustable play table


  • It’s expensive compared to other wooden train sets
  • Some people found the table to be relatively small

Factors To Consider When Purchase A Loved Wooden Train Set

Wooden train sets remain a favorite choice for kids and adults who love exploring. Besides being an entertainment tool, these sets are also educational elements. Among the best wooden train sets you’ll find in the market, there will always be one that is most ideal for each child. Below are the features to look out for.

Factors To Consider When Purchase A Loved Wooden Train Set

01. User/ age

If it’s your first time buying a wooden train set, no doubt you need help picking the right one for your kid. I advise parents to always buy a set matching their children’s age for relevance. Consider the below tips.


A while ago, babies didn’t have suitable train sets to play with. This is because these sets came with swallowable elements that could harm the baby. Thankfully, today you can find safe wooden train sets for babies as young as 6 months.


Toddlers are a bit older than the babies and so they have their suitable train sets as well. The best wooden train sets for toddlers that I recommend have a toddler-friendly design. They also have safe and interactive features that present problem-solving challenges to the players.


If you have preschoolers, these are past the toddler stage. You’ll learn about the best wooden train sets for 3 year olds in this piece. I highly recommend these sets because they help your children as they develop independence and basic life skills.

02. Space/ Storage 

Toy storage can sometimes be challenging, especially if you have limited space. Thankfully, wooden train sets come in different dimensions to accommodate various users. At the same time, you should check whether the sets have in-built storage or not. Some designs come with drawers, while others have huge spaces below. If they don’t, you may have to purchase storage kits separately.

03. Quality 

The best quality wooden train set should be expandable and good enough to last a lifetime. If you find wooden train sets made from formaldehyde glues and poor-quality plastics, run for the hills. They don’t serve your child long before wearing out. 

04. Safety 

Each train set you buy should come with instructions and the safety measures to take. Carefully read through them to avoid buying your child a gift that would harm them. Don’t buy your toddler a train set with small chewable components as they could become a safety hazard. You should also handle batteries and electric cords carefully.

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05. Add-Ons/Extensions

Most train sets have additional functions that make plays interesting for children of various ages. Some sets include a table, extra vehicles, and scenery for the trains to navigate through.  If your budget allows, buy a set with all the extras there can be.

06. How Easy to Set Up 

Assembling a wooden train can be simple or complicated depending on its design. Some systems are usually too complex for kids to assemble by themselves. Unless you will always be there to do it, then such a set wouldn’t be the best.

07. Price 

A budget comes in handy even as you consider your children’s preferences. The sets I have highlighted below come at various prices. I’m certain you’ll get a good pick matching your budget.

FAQs Regarding Wooden Train Sets for Toddlers

Despite addressing a few issues above, I may have missed several essentials regarding wooden train sets. This section will highlight some questions you may have. By the end of this, you should be sure of the ideal wooden train set to take home.

FAQ Regarding Wooden Train Sets for Toddlers

Q. Are most wooden train sets compatible?

Answer: Although not all wooden train sets are compatible, most of them are. But, it’s always important to confirm whenever you need to add extra components from a different brand.

Although most reputable companies will change the components in case of incompatibility, it feels good when you get it right at first. You save on time and unnecessary expenses.

Q. What age are wooden train sets?

Answer: The first wooden train set was launched by BRIO in 1957. It also happens that this was the first brand to use beechwood in the construction of these toys. Other brands have since come up, with a lot of evolution happening.

Things are bound to get even better as time goes by. Most manufacturers are creative and will come up with greater ideas as the world evolves.

Q. Are Brio trains the best? 

Answer: Brio is one of the best wooden train sets you can find in the market today. The brand produces perfect and 100% safe packages for kids of different ages. They have upheld a good reputation for over a century.

Their train sets are also sturdy and beautifully designed. Most customers expressed satisfaction in BRIO train sets.

Q. Are toy train sets worth anything?

Answer: Toy train sets have maintained their popularity for the longest time. They help kids develop problem-solving skills, fine motor, and spatial skills, as well as enhance creativity. I have seen grandparents gifting their grandkids these sets because they know their worth.

There’s no better way to guide kids through the initial developmental milestones than this. Being a hands-on activity, you can be sure your budding engineer will be having the best of moments.

Q. What age is good for a train table?

Answer: Train tables come in different dimensions. Of course, they are designed to accommodate kids of different ages and abilities. Generally, toddlers and preschoolers will use a table conveniently.

Older kids can also use the tables, but while seated. Adults who play with their kids can also sit on the floor and still play comfortably.

Q. What trains are compatible with Brio?

Answer: Brio is a pacesetter in this industry. Most wooden train sets are compatible with it to make shopping easier for parents. Other wooden trains compatible with Brio include Bigjigs, Thomas, Chuggington, Orbium, and Imaginarium, among others.

If you want to buy extras from a different brand to add flavor to your BRIO set, you can always try it out. It may not be in my list, but who knows, it could be compatible.

Q. Are Brio and Thomas tracks compatible?

Answer: Unfortunately, Brio and Thomas wooden train tracks are not compatible. The connection between the components is quite divergent. The good news is that you can always work with train cars from Thomas and Friends instead.

Wrapping Up

If you’re wondering what gift to buy your kid or grandkid for their birthday, I just gave you a golden idea. The best wooden train sets form the cornerstone of every modern kid’s toy collection. You can’t compare them to exposing a child to the screen. If anything, the World Health Organization advises parents to reduce children’s sedentary screen time.

Why not help your child understand the world around them by introducing wooden train sets at a tender age? If you haven’t bought a set yet, pick one from the above list based on the child’s needs. You will always look back and smile that you made this prudent decision.

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