Top 8 Best RC Crawler Tires

Top 8 Best RC Crawler Tire Of 2022 (Reviewed And Guided)

Imagine being at the wet grass tracks with your friends. You have your fingers tightly pressed on the throttle, and you’re biting your lower lip, trying to free your car from a puddle of mud and grass. You have your eyes of finish line but sadly, the tires keep spinning without propelling the vehicle forward.

I reckon that’s a familiar experience to those of you who have done rc racing for a while.

And I know – it is immensely frustrating.

But there’s a solution – getting the best rc crawler tire.

Top 8 Best RC Crawler Tires

You see, the reason why your vehicle gets stuck is probably that you’re using the wrong tires. Maybe they don’t have adequate traction. Or they’re too hard or too soft.

Well, this article is a guide to obtaining the right tires for your rc.

Let’s jump in.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing the Best RC Crawler Tire

What to Consider before Purchasing the Perfect RC Crawler Tires?

RC crawler tires come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, hardness degree, tread pattern, and other aspects. While a tire might appear cool on the sales page, it might not perform impressively at all when you finally get it.

As you consider various factors when looking for shoes, so should you think about the tires you’re getting for your rc. The following guide will help you get the best rc crawler tire for your vehicle.

1. Size

This is the most fundamental consideration here. You should get a tire that matches the scale of your vehicle, otherwise it might be unusable.

If you have your rc manual, refer to the model specs to get the correct tire size. In case you don’t have it and you’re not sure what the right size is, call your rc supplier.

The width and the outer diameter (OD) are the most important factors to look at when shopping for rc crawler tires.

Mostly, the width ranges from 1.3 inches to 2.4 inches. The outer diameter, on the other hand, mostly goes from 4.1 inches to 4.7 inches.

2. Hardness degree

Most RC tires are made from rubber materials

Most RC tires are made from rubber materials. However, some tires are harder to the touch than others. If you’re new to this sport, you might be wondering – what does hardness have to do with anything?

Well, it is quite simple. Hard rubber bounces off the surface more easily. It is good for muddy surfaces. Soft rubber, in contrast, tends to adhere to the surface.

This is extremely crucial when crawling on very slippery hard surfaces like slick rocks.

3. Tread design

Tread design incorporates aspects such as the depth of the lugs, the continuity of the knob, the size of the bead, the sharpness of the bead, and so on.

The reason why this matters is that there’s a range of surfaces to crawl on, and not every one requires the same tread pattern.

Large treads

A tire with large treads will only slow you down

To illustrate, a tire with large treads will only slow you down if you’re crawling on a tarmac road or a pavement. But on wet grass or mud, the large treads, deep lugs, and an interrupted knob will provide great anchorage and propel the vehicle forward.

In that sense, the muddier or softer grounds or those that are rough require bigger treads. But dry stress-free grounds like pavements and tarmac need smaller treads.

4. The inserts

Real vehicles use tires with air. But in the rc universe, tires use foam in place of air. You might want to check if the tires you’re looking to buy come with inserts. Coming with inserts is more convenient as it means you won’t have to purchase them separately.

Various tire brands also come with a rim, which may also mean lots of convenience for you.

Top 8 Best RC Crawler Tires Review

01. Injora 4.7 Inch OD RC Crawler Tires (4PCS)


Racing on rocky terrains is so much fun. But it can be frustrating when your rc is always unable to climb the steep parts, causing you to lose the race.

If your vehicle is powerful enough, then there’s only one other reason why the others are beating you – your tires. Perhaps they don’t have a rough enough tread or they’re too hard.

Why do you need a soft tire?

Perhaps you don’t know this, but on the rocks, you need a soft tire. Why? So it is able to grip the surface more firmly. A hard tire has a higher rebound rate but a soft one has less rebound. It is able to hold on better.

And that’s exactly what makes the Injora 4.7 Inch OD RC Crawler the best rc rock crawling tires. They’re softer than they look, making sure your rc climbs those rocks more efficiently.

Treads and sipping

Treads and sipping are some of the most crucial features of a tire. They hold the ground and create the traction needed to keep the tire moving forward.

Concerning this feature, the Injora tires are quite well-made. They not only have a good rough tread but also have a high amount of siping. Accordingly, getting through slate rock, creekbed, and loose dirt is a piece of cake.

Who are these tires for? 

These have an OD (outer diameter) of 4.7 inches. They’re for a range of rc models, including Tamiya, Axial, SCX, and TRX.

There are a few shortcomings. First, these don’t seem to work very well in very muddy terrains. They clog up rather easily. Then, they seem to wear quite fast.

But for the price, they’re worth it. If you’re looking for great rc tires for a rocky track, you got to try these ones.

  • Interrupted knobs that hold the track more firmly
  • Soft material that holds rocky surface efficiently
  • Large size (4.7-inch) to keep your vehicle well elevated from the ground
  • Rough treads and numerous sipes that increase the traction


  • Interrupted knobs that hold the track more firmly.
  • Soft material that holds rocky surfaces efficiently.
  • The large (4.7-inch) keeps your vehicle well elevated from the ground.
  • Rough treads and numerous sipes increase the traction.


  • Don’t seem to work very well in very muddy terrains.

02. 1.9 Voodoo KLR Rubber Tires

Picture this – you’re on a slippery track in the woods racing with your crawler against your friends. Everything is going great and you can foresee a win. Suddenly, you encounter a very slippery part of the track just before the finish line. You rc gets stuck in the mud and you lose.

That’s just frustrating, isn’t it?

How can you avoid it? Get RC tires with interrupted knobs. Such knobs grip that slippery surface and ensure the vehicle gets through the mud.

Speaking of broken up knobs, that’s the design of the Voodoo KLR Rubber Tires. It gives them extra traction in the mud. As long as you have momentum and stay on the throttle, these are not the sort of tires to get stuck in the mud or loose dirt.

A little bit shorter

One thing I noted about them is that they are a little bit shorter than the maxxis trepador 1.9 stock tires. But, they’re also a tad wider, which is probably why they work so well in mud.

The OD of these is 4.25 inches while the width is 1.57 inches. If you have a traxxas or Axial crawler, the tires are likely compatible. They give your rc a splendidly rough look that the other racers will respect.

A few challenges

There are a few challenges to keep in mind. First, these don’t seem to work well on slick rock terrains. They’re more suited for loose dirt and muddy areas. I also don’t like the pungent chemical smell when they’re new.

That aside, they’re a pretty good and inexpensive. Definitely worth trying.

  • High-quality rubber material that offers longevity
  • Good treads and side bites for muddy tracks
  • Great design that gives a “rough” impression
  • Wide, which works perfect for loose dirt and sand
  • They come with the foams


  • The high-quality rubber material offers longevity.
  • Good treads and side bites for muddy tracks.
  • Great design that gives a “rough” impression.
  • Wide, which works perfectly for loose dirt and sand.


  • Don’t seem to work well on slick rock terrains.
  • The pungent chemical smell when they’re new.

03. Duratrax Deep Woods CR C3


Next up we have the Duratrax Deep Woods CR C3. These are a bit more expensive than the ones we’ve discussed above. That being said, they have a lot more to offer.

When doing rc racing in the woods or the mountains or any other off-road area, one thing comes across as the most important – the design of the treads. The more aggressive, the better the holding capability.

And you know what? 

That’s the one area where the Duratrax tires excel. Hence, if you’re looking for tires that you can depend on in deep wood areas, these are the ones to think of.

The lugs on these tires are some of the deepest I have seen. This design allows the tires to maneuver all sorts of off-road terrains no matter how tough they are.

Do you love rocky tracks? 

You might have noticed how hard it can be for rcs to climb the slick rocks. But how come some crawlers climb over all rocks without any trouble? What’s the secret?

Well, the secret lies in the softness of the tire. Softer tires are able to do it, while the harder ones struggle.

It’s manufactured from soft rubber

That is why the Duratrax Deep Woods CR C3 is manufactured from soft rubber. You don’t have to worry about moving on rocky terrains or pavement anymore.

On the flip side, the softness means the foams have to keep getting replaced to maintain the stiffness of the wheels.

Our recommendation

If you’re looking for crawler tires that will work great on anything from rocks and roots to mud and grass, I recommend trying the Duratrax tires.

They have an OD of 4.6 inches and a width of 1.6 inches.

  • Deep lugs for maximum traction
  • Super soft compound for exceptional gripping power
  • Comes with foam inserts
  • High-quality, durable tires with an aggressive look


  • Deep lugs for maximum traction.
  • Super soft compound for exceptional gripping power.
  • Comes with foam inserts.
  • High-quality, durable tires with an aggressive look.


  • Foams have to keep getting replaced to maintain the stiffness of the wheels.
  • It is a bit pricey.

04. Goolsky 4Pcs AUSTAR


If you’re looking for the best 2.2 crawler tires that offer good value for the money, the Goolsky 4Pcs AUSTAR might be just what you need.

Why do I say these offer value for the money? Because you get four tires under 30 bucks. When you purchase them, you don’t need to worry about getting the rims. They come with the rims already installed.

The Tires come with beadlocks

In the description, you’ll see it says the tires come with beadlocks as well. But, that’s not really the case. The tires are simply glued to the rim to prevent the bead from coming off.

Still, the tire is great and the bead is firmly attached, so the misinformation is not a very big deal here.

If you’re a regular player of rc races, you’ve probably seen vehicles getting off balance and overturning or rolling. Apart from causing people to lose the race, these situations can damage rcs. But let me ask,

Do you know what causes a rc to lose balance?

Aside from the terrain and the design or quality of the vehicle, there’s also the factor of the wheels. By installing wider wheels, you boost your vehicle’s stability, thus minimizing the chances of overturning.

The build quality is one of the aspects people look at when searching for good tires. You’ll be glad to find that the Goolsky 4Pcs AUSTAR tires are well-made.

The rubber is strong and durable. Rough treads are cut into it, which gives you the traction you need to navigate difficult tracks.

The Biggest issue is misinformation

Misinformation is the biggest issue with this tire. The manufacturer says there are beadlocks while there are none. Also, they say it is a 1.9 while it is in fact, a 2.2. Still, this is a great tire for almost all terrains.

If you’re on a budget, don’t waste time looking for other tires.

  • Heavy treading design for better gripping power
  • Comes with a rim attached
  • Wider, providing more surface area, which increases stability
  • High-grade rubber material for strength and sturdiness


  • Heavy treading design for better gripping power.
  • Comes with a rim attached.
  • Wider, providing more surface area, which increases stability.
  • High-grade rubber material for strength and sturdiness.
  • The rubber is strong and durable.


  • Misinformation on beadlocks while there are none.

05. INJORA 1.9 Inch Beadlock Wheel


Shopping for tires and rims separately can be quite tiresome and inconvenient. You have to deal with all the measurements and take care not to get incompatible units. That’s why some people prefer to get a tire that comes with a rim attached.

In other words, a complete wheel. If that is what you seek, you may want to consider the INJORA 1.9 Inch Beadlock Wheel.

RC tires with blue rims 

These are nice rc tires with blue rims installed. As the title suggests, these are 1.9-inch tires. You can use them on a range of vehicles including the Axial SCX 10, Tamiya CC01, TF2, and so on.

The chances of compatibility are extremely high long as your rc uses 1.9-inch tires.

Design of the tires

Moving on to the design of the tires, these are units you can depend on to keep the vehicle moving in the toughest terrains. They’re crafted with deep lugs and very well-defined treads that ensure the traction is excellent.

Having seen these in action, I can tell you that they work on mud, roots, and creek bed. The only terrain where users express dissatisfaction is sand.

For some reason, these tend to not move the vehicle efficiently through sand. I am guessing it is because they’re not as wide as say the Goolsky AUSTAR tires.

Another downside

Another downside is that though the manufacturer says these come with beadlocks, the truth is that they don’t. Or perhaps they forget to install them on some units. But, that’s not a big deal as the wheels work great.

  • Made from durable, wear-resistant rubber
  • Aggressive scale design that improves traction
  • Comes with the rim installed
  • Great performance in most terrains


  • Made from durable, wear-resistant rubber.
  • Aggressive scale design that improves traction.
  • Comes with the rim installed.
  • Great performance in most terrains.
  • Have deep lugs and well-defined treads.


  • The terrain where users express dissatisfaction is sand.
  • Misinformation on beadlocks while there are none.

06. Pit Bull 1.9 Rock Beast Scale Tires


RC racing is enjoyable not just because of the sheer fun of a competition, but also for the looks of the vehicles. You want your vehicle to resemble the real thing as closely as possible.

In that sense, you might install lots of accessories on your vehicle. Perhaps you have a winch, sound kit, steel bumper, aluminum wheels, and more. But while that makes you rc look like a real vehicle, it also increases the weight.

Maybe by now, your vehicle weighs in at close to 7 pounds or more. 

You know what the problem is with that?

Moving the vehicle now becomes a challenge, especially when you’re confronted with harsh grounds like in rocky areas. Moreover, the wheels wear a lot quicker or just fail to work.

If you’ve found yourself in this scenario, or you’re foreseeing it, there is a solution – just get the Pit Bull 1.9 Rock Beast Scale Tires. Albeit costly, they’re some of the toughest tires I have come across.

These tires made from the highest-quality rubber. Thus, they not only bear the weight of your vehicle but also resist wear efficiently.

The Traction of a tire

As you know, the traction of a tire depends on the style of the bead as well as the softness of the tire.

The bead on this particular tire is multi-varied. The manufacturer creates an alternating biting pattern on it, thereby giving it incredible traction.

In addition to that, the tire is enhanced with stepped lugs. These serve the purpose of preventing the sides from sliding.

In other words, 

they make sure the tire has all-round traction. For that, the tire works remarkably especially on rocky grounds. The only place where I found these tires to have difficulty is wet roots.

But on other surfaces, including grass and sand, they work wonderfully.

  • Deep lugs providing better traction
  • Side lugs for traction on the sides of the tire
  • Beads feature a widely alternating pattern for increased gripping power
  • Uniform design on both tires
  • High-quality wear-resistant rubber
  • Free foam inserts


  • Traction is improved with deep lugs.
  • Side lugs provide traction on the tire’s sides.
  • For greater gripping power, the beads have a widely alternating pattern.
  • Both tires have the same design.
  • Wear-resistant rubber of excellent grade.
  • Foam inserts are provided free of charge.


  • Difficult to move on wet roots.

07. AUSTAR AX-5020

Take a look at the picture of the AUSTAR AX-5020. It is undeniable that this tire is exceedingly nubby. It has many lumps sticking out all over. Is that a good thing? Yes, for the rough or rocky tracks.

The knobbier an rc tire is, the more the traction. As this tire is very knobby, you never have to worry about it holding the ground and moving forward as it should.

The size of the lugs

What makes it even more appropriate for the off-road is the size of the lugs. They are large and deep. If you’re crawling in the woods, and particularly on top soil, you will have a fantastic experience as you won’t struggle with getting stuck.

Ever tried driving an rc car in the woods during the wet seasons? The water makes the wood extremely slippery for even a good rc to maneuver. What makes the AUSTAR AX-5020 tire truly stand out is that it doesn’t seem to have much trouble with wet roots or wood.

Sand and mud surface

Sadly, these tend to not work very well on other surfaces especially sand and mud. Rc races are exciting expeditions. You get to have so much fun in the tracks with your friends.

But at the end of the day comes the inconvenient task of cleaning the vehicle. As the wheels are the ones that come into the closest contact with dirt, they’re the most daunting to clean.

Strong bond with dirt

Unfortunately, most tires out there seem to have a strong bond with dirt, especially mud. Surprisingly, the dirt falls right off from the Austar tires without a struggle.

A small brush does the task easily. You won’t even spend 10 minutes cleaning them. These tires may not work on very many surfaces, but for the woods and rocks, they’re pretty good.

  • Soft compound that grips the ground firmly
  • Super nubby, thereby offering great traction
  • Deep lugs for added adhesion
  • Inexpensive yet good-quality


  • Soft compound that grips the ground firmly.
  • Super nubby, thereby offering great traction.
  • Deep lugs for added adhesion.
  • Inexpensive yet good-quality.
  • Easy to clean.


  • These tires work best only on rocky and wood surfaces.

08. Hobbypark 2.2-inch Tires 


This list definitely wouldn’t be complete without the Hobbypark 2.2-inch Tires. Though they are super inexpensive, these tires are very well-made, and that’s why so many people love them.

First and foremost, the design of these is wonderful. They look pretty elegant on an rc, and still manage to give the aggressive appearance most of us look for.

Soft and hard rubber varieties

When shopping for rc tires, realize that there are both soft and hard rubber varieties. As mentioned before, the soft varieties are great for the hard surfaces such as rock and pavement.

But if you need tires that can make it through mud or other soft surfaces efficiently, you’re better off with hard tires. It’s an opposites kind of rule.

Hobbypark tires are hard

The Hobbypark tires are hard. As you might already tell from my previous statements, these work great in mud. What makes it even more convenient is that afterward, the task of cleaning them is a rather easy one.

Thankfully, the material does not hold onto dirt like other tires.

Another aspect

Another aspect that works great for mud crawling is the design of the bead. The treads are deep and although they’re styled in a regular fashion, there are numerous knobs that dig into the mud and give the tire the grip it needs to make it forward.

And of course, the siping on the bead comes in helpful as it improves the traction. The side bites work to give the tires lateral traction.

With all these features, 

you never again have to get stuck in the mud. Before you get these tires, understand they’re not made for rock crawling. But if you want some good tires for the muddy surfaces, you’ll be making a good choice picking these.

Plus, they’re quite affordable.

  • Side bites improve lateral traction
  • Aggressive-looking bead
  • Hard rubber material that works great on mud
  • Comes with free foam inserts


  • Side bites improve lateral traction.
  • Aggressive-looking bead.
  • They are very well-made.
  • The hard rubber material works great on mud.
  • Comes with free foam inserts.
  • Are affordable.
  • Work great in mud.
  • Convenient when cleaning.


  • Not a good rock crawling tire.

FAQs Regarding RC Crawler Tires

FAQs about The Best RC Crawler Tires

Q. How do you measure a rc tire?

There are two major measurements to keep in mind when dealing with rc tires – the width and the outer diameter. The figures are usually displayed on the tire, but if you’re not sure about them, you can just use digital calipers or a ruler.

Q. Do RC tires need air?

Ordinary real-life tires use air to keep the right pressure for flawless rolling action. Rc tires, on the other hand, use foam inserts. These can be fixed or removable.

Q. What is the most aggressive RC tire for mud?

The aggressiveness of a tire is measured by the design of its bead. A tire with large treads and deep lugs is seen as being aggressive since it has high traction to keep going forward in difficult situations like mud.

Final Word

Phew! That was quite a journey! I am optimistic that the information I have shared will come in helpful in your search for the best rc crawler tires.

Keep it in mind that crawler tires are not a one size fits all kind of item. You got to think about the right size for your vehicle as well as the sort of surfaces you’re planning to crawl on.

The more difficult the track, the more traction the tire needs to have. For instance, crawling in mud requires really deep lugs and a broken-up knob.

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