O Gauge Tracks; Everything You Need to Know

Top 5 Best O Gauge Track of 2021 [According to Our Experts]

Many people wonder what the right tracking system for their train set is; they go about searching through the Internet to find out the best O gauge track. Nevertheless, if you’re one of these people, and you’re reading this article right now, congratulations! We’ve provided all the required pieces of information about track systems right here.

Just like many other people that are new to the hobby, you need to understand the features, designs, brand, and specifications of your preferred O-gauge track before purchasing it.

O Gauge Tracks; Everything You Need to Know

This article aims to provide accurate information with the cons and pros of each selected product that will help you have deep insight into them. All the products listed in this article are efficient, durable, and cost-effective. When they are properly maintained, their functionality will increase for a long time.

So, if you’re looking to get the best deal out of your money, then read on! With the help of this article, we’ll guide you to choose the right O-gauge track system that is suitable for all your needs.

What Is An O-Gauge Track?

What is An O-Gauge track?

Firstly, the gauge is the small gap between the outer rails. Most O tracks possess the same gap distance between the bars. O-gauge is known as the three-rail model railroading, which is majorly for toy trains and rail transport modelling.

There are two major types of O-gauge, the traditional sized O-gauge, and scale-sized O-gauge. The traditional O-gauge are often smaller, and they operate mainly on either O or O-27 rail track.

So, you may want to ask me, what are the benefits of the O-gauge track? Be with me; let me show you the benefits of this O-gauge track.

How to Choose The Perfect O-Gauge Tracks?

What to Consider before Purchasing One of The Best O-Gauge Tracks?

PBefore buying the O-Gauge track system, you need to consider some crucial factors. These factors will help you choose the best product within your budget. If you’re planning to buy an O-Gauge anytime soon, please read on.

1. The right size and design for your layout

The size and design of your layout is a significant factor you need to consider before purchasing your O-Gauge; there are different sizes of structures ranging from large to small.

Some people love small gauge like ‘N’ while some love large “O” gauge because of its ease of handling.

People prefer the “G” gauge

Some people even prefer the “G” gauge because it is UV compatible and can be useful for outdoor activities. So, the matter of the right design for your layout depends solely on your taste.

Although, if you’re buying one as a gift to a person, you should ask for the type of gauge that they use.

2. The Manufacturer and Brands

There are different manufacturers of O-Gauge track systems

There are different manufacturers of O-Gauge track systems, and you need to know what they offer before buying their products.

Some manufacturers are known for durable products with traditional looks, while some offer great designs with fantastic prototypical looks.

What do you want?

It all depends on you what you want. However, if you’re buying one of these products as gifts for kids, it is better to choose brands that decorate their train sets with other collectables such as holiday themes and stickers.

3. Durability 

Here are the Main Benefits of O-gauge Track

Most O-gauge designed is from solid nickel silver T-rails that are efficient, strong, and sturdy. Their flexibility enables them to bend without breaking easily.

Sometimes, kids tend to be careless with their track systems; this might cause unintended damages on it. You should be assured of durability when you purchase an O-gauge track.

4. Budget

There are cheap O-Gauge track systems with high-quality in the market that doesn’t empty your pocket. Although some track sets are costly, some are less expensive.

Prices usually vary by the track type, which could be a standard straight, minimum curve, or even remote switch. So, it solely depends on what you want.

5. User-friendly with easy setup

O-gauge is straightforward to set up, thanks to the advancement of the technology

O-gauge is straightforward to set up, thanks to the advancement of the technology. Assembling can easily be done even after unboxing it.

Some O-gauge features a snap-together E-Z track coupler, which enables easy attachment of rails. With this feature, kids will be able to handle this product perfectly without any issues.

Our Top 5 Best O Gauge Tracks Review



If you’re looking for a Straight track O-Gauge system, then this is the one for you! This fantastic product will give you the best offers that you could ever imagine.

Fastrack is one of Lionel’s best products with standard strain sets; its outstanding features have made it gain popularity in the market industry.

Light shipping weight

This first product launched was on the 12th of September with a light shipping weight of 1.05pounds. According to its manufacturers, kids with 14-15 years of age can use it.

Children of 3years below should not use this product because of its small sharp parts.

An incredible prototypical

Lionel Fastrack O-Gauge has designed with an incredible prototypical look that contains a large variety of available pieces.

First-timers can be giving outstanding performance and endless flexibility from this product.

It offers innovation that will bring elegance to your layout.

  • This O-gauge track possesses an incredible prototypical look.
  • User friendly. It is easy to use.
  • There is an interlocking mechanism for a firm and reliable connection.
  • Easily combinable with other Lionel products for a bigger layout.
  • Electrically powered.
  • The accessory power connection has two terminal sections.
  • Each pack length is about 10″ inches.



If you’re looking for a difference in your current layout, this Lionel Fastrack product provides expansion and changes to your design with its additional pieces of track. More so, this product hits the limelight immediately.

The first version pushed forward on the 10th of September 2018 because of its cost efficiency and easy installation.

The Exciting Feature

One of the exciting features of this product is that it possesses an interchangeable base that is movable to the left or right side.

Additionally, it’s a left-hand Fastrack O36 manual switch with a ¼  curve that completes a 45-degree arc.

How Easy to Use?

This product is easy to use, and it is compatible with other Lionel O-Gauge Fastrack sets. It has a very high durability value with sleek designs that changes your railroad layout.

Just like the Lionel Fastrack Electric O-gauge, the manufacturer recommends this product for kids of 14years of age. Children at the age of 5 years or below should not be allowed to use this product.

This main product source of power is electricity, and it features a length of 10” inches with a 33.75-degree turnout.

  • There is a left-hand O36 manual switch.
  • An O-Gauge gauge type.
  • Electrically powered.
  • Bases are interchangeable for left/ right side movement.
  • It features a ¼ curve to complete a 45-degree turnout.
  • The shipping weight is 1.35 pounds with 10×7×0.5inches dimensions.



One of the biggest brands in the track system industry is Bachmann. This brand is known for its innovative designs and high-quality products since 1833.

Bachmann train company has manufactured different products across the significant types of gauge; large scales, O, N, HO, and so on.

For high durability,

its tracks are solid steel track pins with full metal ties and rails. Bachmann product features a snap-together E-Z track system, which facilitates easy and rapid set up. Now, the question is,

How do I  use this E-Z coupler?

Don’t be worried, and the simple manual will guide you through. What is the best part? This product offers power and speed control that works immediately; you plug it with the power.

You don’t need to worry about any tool to operate it.

It offers aesthetics values

That’s not all; this product also offers aesthetics values to your layout with its O-27 three rails curves tracks pack. With all these offers, you will get a price for your money.

  • Battery-operated train set
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Runs smoothly on most HO scale tracks
  • It features a 64”×46.” Circle of snap-together track
  • The shipping weight is 1.6 pounds
  • It possesses a classic tin plate mode.
  • There are eight pieces per box.



If you’re looking for an O-Gauge straight track for both indoor and outdoor use without breaking the bank, you’re in luck. This product we’re going to talk about is the best O-Gauge track for outdoor and indoor functions.

Atlas has brought a top-notch quality product for you; this product has some quite features that will leave you in awe.

The Size of the Train

The need to worry about the size of the train is of no importance, with its 40” rigid straight track, this track will contain even bigger trains.

This Atlas product is a 21st-century tract system that is suitable for kids of eight years and older. If you’re also searching for extra stability, this product features a solid nickel silver T-rail to make your creative dreams come true.

Scale-sized tie

What more, this product features a scale-sized tie with blackened Centre rail. With its UV compatibility, it is excellent for both indoor and outdoor activities.

No doubt, you will get the worth of your money from this unique product.

  • A Blackened based deck.
  • UV compatible, it can be used both indoors or outdoor.
  • Shipping weight is 7.2 ounces
  • Easy set up for first-timers
  • Presence of scale-sized ties.
  • It features a solid nickel silver T-rail
  • It is highly durable.

05. Lionel Fastrack O-Gauge with Girder Bridge Track


10 Girder Bridge Track is another fantastic product from the Lionel brand. It is a traditional sized O-gauge. Our list will be incompleted without adding this product, and the product comes with unique features that make it one of the perfect O-Gauge track systems.

No worry for the Quality

You don’t have to worry about quality when buying a Lionel product; they famous for their exquisite and sturdy products that last a lifetime. Read on, and let’s dig deep into this product.

This product has a well-fitted metal base that is strong enough to run bigger trains without any issue.

The principal condition of the O-Gauge is that it’s only compatible with Fastrack. But there’s a catch, with the dimensions of 10”, it replaces one Fastrack with 10” straight section in your layout.

Isn’t that wonderful?

That’s not all, and the product offers removable side girdlers that give room for arrangement on top or bottom deck.

The O-Gauge system is suitable for a kid of age 14 years and older, but children of 3 years should not use it because it contains some marble items, small parts, and small balls.

Simple maintenance

This product has simple maintenance! How to get this done? You only need to use a soft cloth to clean the product.

  • It has a metallic base
  • It functions only with Fastrack product
  • Features a removable side girdler
  • 10” length
  • High durability and User-friendly


Choosing the best tracks for your train sets can be complicated; sometimes, you need to be familiar with the product specifications, features, and design before venturing into it.

A low-quality product might be frustrating as it develops a fault within a short time. Most end users complain of the imbalances between their track system and train set.

Some have issues with the quality of their track system. This all because they have a mirage knowledge about the product before purchasing it.

All the buying guide factors listed in this article are significant; you should consider them before making the purchase.

A high-quality track system functions for an extended period without developing faults. So, it is better to opt for quality other than beautiful outlooks.

You should also consider the leading manufacturers in the industry, and they provide the best products with high durability.

I hope this writeup will be of great use for your quest to purchase best O gauge track that will leave a smile on your face for a long time.

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