What Is The Best N Scale Tracks And How To Choose?

Top 7 Best N Scale Track 2023: Ultimate Buying Guide

This is certainly not an excellent experience to experience when searching for something on the internet and finding nothing on it. And I have had this experience.

I’m going to show you different kinds of tracks that you can use for your layout. I had to do a lot of research to figure out the contrast I would use. And it wasn’t really a lot of information on the internet about the details of each different kind of track, each different manufacturer and which one was better.

What Is The Best N Scale Tracks And How To Choose?

So, what I experienced bad; I don’t want you to experience the same. All right, let’s what’s waiting on our best n scale track list!

What Is N scale?

Model trains come in different sizes that known as scales. The scale is a parameter by which you can measure its actual size counterpart. I mean, it’s a ratio between the model and the real one.

Okay, let me explain it more clearly. As you know, n scale comes with a ratio of 1:160; it means if you take an n scale locomotive and expand it 160 times, you will get an actual size locomotive.

What is the N scale

And the fact is, it indicates the difference between toy trains and scale trains. Toy trains are not made by following an exact proportion where N scale or HO scale trains are.

Where did N scale come from?

It was invented in Germany in the early 1960s. A famous firm named Arnold has started it all. But, unfortunately, they are no longer in business.

Bachmann Vs Kato; Which one is the best?

Well, it depends on your priority and preferences. Both are equally good. Bachmann has been in the business for so many years. And, Kato becomes popular to young kids in the last few years. They both provide quality, no doubt.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing the Perfect N Scale Track

Using model trains is exciting and easy. But, choosing the best track is not that easy. You know, there are several types of tracks available on the market. Even if you only focus on n scale track, you will find so many brands that provide fully different products and services.

So, when it’s all about finding the best n scale track, you need to consider some certain features and specifications.

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Best N Scale Track Buying guide

I will try to bring you the most important aspects to consider. And remember, the price doesn’t go with compatibility.

A low priced n scale track could be suitable for you where the expensive one is not.

1. Size

Perhaps, size is the most important factor to consider. Well, you need to look into two different things about size- Gauge and Scale. Gauge is the distance between two parallel lines, where scale is the total distance of the track. I mean, scale is the ratio between the model track and the real-life railway.

If your track doesn’t match with your trains, then, definitely, it will go in vain, no wonder. And, another thing you should keep your mind is the availability of the accessories. You choose a track, but if its accessories are not widely available then, replacement or repairing will be challenging for you.

2. Material

N Scale tracks vary what they are made of

It is something that will define the durability of your track. N Scale tracks vary what they are made of. They can be made of plastics, rubber, metal or wood. Commonly plastics are cheap and fragile. So, always look for metal tracks such as nickel-steel, as it is strong and durable.

Therefore, no matter if the roadbed and ties are made of plastic or rubber. It won’t affect much.

3. Installation

Look for an ‘easy to assemble’ n scale track. This not that big of a deal, but it still matters. And, I have reviewed all the tracks that are easy to assemble. Whether it is your first time experience or 10th time, you can assemble it.

Top 7 Best N Scale Tracks Review

01. Kato KAT20000 248mm 9-3/4″ Straight N Scale Track

413C+653g3L. SL500

Imagine you buy a fine electric train for your baby, but it doesn’t work well. You don’t have any clue, what’s the case? And eventually, you find out it is its n scale track.

If the track is not up to the mark, then it won’t function smoothly. It may sound odd and decreases the lifetime of your expensive electric train sets. To get a squeak-and-creak-free experience, you just need a good track set.

An ideal track set

An ideal track set will increase the lifetime of your train set as well as provide a satisfying user experience. So, here comes our 1st product from Kato, this is of the leading companies in the toy industry.

What I like most about this product is its steady delivery of electricity. If it fails to deliver the right amount of electricity, no matter how well it is built. It will certainly fall short of quality. So, in the case of Kato KAT 20000, no worries about it at all.

Another considerable part

Another considerable part of this track is it is easy to assemble. An eight-year-old boy is pretty enough to install and run the train here. It is really easy to put them together and very versatile in nature.

So finally, if you are looking for an n scale track that will be dependable as well as affordable, then this could be a great choice for sure. This is long-lasting and works better than what is advertised.

  • It is versatile
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to assemble
  • Gauge is 9 mm 0.354 inch
  • Available as individual pieces and track sets as well

02. Kato USA Remote Right-Hand Turnout N Scale Track


You know the brand Kato. And, how they performed, especially in the last few years. So, let me tell you about a real customer experience. That guy was from the USA. He has two preconditions – easy assembly and has to be compatible with his Digitrax DCC system. That’s it.

So what will be the best possible option? – of course, this Kato remote right-hand turnout.

How easy to install?

This is super easy to install. First, glue the cork down and then just lay the track on top. What about creating a complex layout overnight? It sounds amazing, but you may think, “how come!” – Yes, it is certainly possible with the Unitrack system. I guarantee you haven’t ever run rails more fun.

If your switching system is not good, then there is no point in using a pricy n scale track. Unlike Kato products, you will barely find a track that has a good switching system.

Well, think for a moment and ask yourself 

“What does an n scale track facilitate for you?” why are you on a hunt for a top-class n scale track? Whatever, Kato USA has one of the best switching systems on the market of the price.

Oh, one more important thing. It has a drawback. It does an excellent job to switch the turnout remotely, but the controller doesn’t come with the turnout. You have to order it separately.

So, without this little inconvenience, I found this model railroad trouble-free and an awesome product to have on your bucket.

  • Create complex layout overnight
  • Compatible with Digitrax DCC system
  • Simple assembly
  • Worth more than what priced
  • An excellent switching system

03. Kato USA Model Train N Scale UNITRACK Power Set


Kato USA is a big brand in the n scale track and toy accessories industry. They don’t disappoint you with their quality. The track features a range of specifications that makes it a good option for model train sets.

Firstly, a track set that harms your expensive train set never gets into contact with your train set. The Kato USA model train track is made with high-quality materials that ensure the top class user experience and durability of your train set.

This N Scale Unitrack is easy to transport. 

It provides a handle that facilitates carrying the bag. Moreover, this thing is perfect for beginners. Because, the whole operation with this track set is super easy.

Now, a common question that every amateur asks before buying a track set – will it run DCC locomotives?

The answer is apparently yes! It runs fine with DCC locomotives, and you don’t need a DCC decoder. However, some sounds will be available, but if you use a DCC converter, more sound will be available.

It is a one of the best options

Having both track and train sets from Kato USA is one of the best options if you are about to start your journey. This set works well with all the “starter series.” Whether it is a train set or an individual locomotive, you can always customize your own starter set.

So, why is it that expensive? 

Well, if you look at the material quality and its design, you will get the answer. It will be fine enough to buy once in your lifetime.

And the amazing part is it doesn’t require your model made by the same company. It works best if both are from the same company.

However, it still works perfectly with any brand or model of N scale trains.

  • Works fine with any model train
  • Great starter set to expand on
  • It provides the basic oval and power supply
  • Easy to transport
  • Bit expensive but worth the price

04. Bachmann Trains Snap-Fit 10″ Straight N Scale Track


We have another track from Bachmann. This package contains 6 pieces of tracks. And, it builds 5′ of railroad. As it comes with a unique design and quality material, it will catch anyone’s eyes.

It is, therefore, contains some small parts. Thus this product is not suitable for kids under 12 years. Or, you can avoid this track if you have little kids in the house.

Permanent and temporary layouts

The best part about this product is its quick assembly. The E-Z track allows it to be assembled for both permanent and temporary layouts.

At the same time, if you love to have a higher grade switch controller, then this product may disappoint you. Switch control is an area where Bachmann can improve.

Or, you can replace the switch control with Atlas switch control or any other company you like.

It is pretty small

One interesting thing you may notice in the n scale track is it is pretty small 1:160. In comparison with the HO track, it is almost half of that. Thus, the tracks stay together very tight is quite necessary.

Do you love to keep things easy and simple? 

Use this n scale track. As straight as you like. Without having an issue with the switch controller, you won’t find a single drawback in this track. This E-Z track will blow away anything you had ever as a kid.

In case, if you face any difficulty putting the tracks together, get help from its detailed instruction. Once you put them right, the train will go smoothly and make your experience better than ever.

  • They snap together and pretty sturdy
  • Highly affordable
  • Great way to expand your temporary setup
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent track straight sections

05. Kato N Scale Unitrack 7 5/16″ 186mm Straight Track

If you are looking for a dependable n scale track, this is one of them you cannot ignore. Kato wins thousands of kids’ hearts with their lucrative design and quality service. They provide several options to make your layout just like you want.

This track will not fail you in any case. It is easy to assemble and snap together pretty well. I know some people who started their journey with other brands, and eventually, they moved to Kato USA. It often happens for other products too. The reason behind is the ‘Expectation gap.’

How the product will look like?

For instance, you pay 100 bucks for a product; it will definitely draw a picture in your mind- how the product will look like? How long will it provide service etc., right? So, when the product itself fails to meet your expectation, it is called an expectation gap. And an expectation gap is one of the prime reasons people shift their brands for.

It provides glitch-free trackwork. You can confidently use this track to your mail layout line. One interesting fact is if you use other brand’s model train that rolls quickly, it will work fine with them. Thus this track has powerful conductivity power.

Made of robust material

This product is made of robust material, and this is why Kato is famous. Comparatively affordable price with great functionality. If your electrical connectivity is not good, then no matter how good the product material is.

To gather some impressive experiences, you need a majestic connection between the two. Fortunately, this track provides a solid electrical connection.

A tiny effective side

Oh, another tiny but effective side of this product is their detailed instruction book. No matter it is your first time or 10th time, you can do it smoothly. No worries!

  • Great sectional track for beginners
  • Solid electrical connection
  • Fits for most model trains
  • Excellent experience in every regard
  • Very versatile and easy to assemble

06. Bachmann Trains Snap-Fit E-Z TURNOUT N Scale Track


When it comes to customizing your layouts, the Bachmann Trains are no longer in competition with others. This is the most suitable option if you look for customized layouts for both permanently and temporarily.

This n scale track set is made under the intense supervision of a bunch of experts. Bachmann has a super-experienced team for R&D too.

An unique feature 

One of the unique features of this Snap-Fit E-Z track is it stays together at anywhere. No matter it is a flat, dry, or sturdy surface or a soft carpet. In the case of other tracks, we see their performances are wholly dependent on the surface condition. But, this Bachmann track stands out here.

A number of kids in the United States use this track just because of its sophisticated design and durable nature. Imagine a nickel-silver rail with a grey roadbed! Super exciting, isn’t it?

How easy to assemble it?

In addition, you don’t need any special tools or even a screw to assemble it. It is ‘ready to go’ product. And, the assembly is pretty simple. If you feel any confusion, get help from the instruction book. However, marking could be better on instructions.

Oh, one important issue. If you want to use it with your existing train set from another brand, make sure the controller has spade connectors. You need AC provisions to make it work electrically. If you don’t have that, you can still operate it manually or do upgrade your transformer.

Before wrapping up, a bonus tip for you. 

Please don’t consider DC power for these types of toys. Because, DC power would overload the turnout electromagnet. Bachmann n scale switches work fine with 16 volts AC.

  • Durable and strong
  • Highly affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • No tools required (ready to go)
  • Stays together at anywhere

7. Bachmann Trains N Scale E-Z Track Set


If your little kid is dreaming about an E-Z track expander this year, this track set will be one of the best options for him or her. It will certainly put a smile on your kid’s face.

This is comparatively a new arrival from Bachmann Trains. As Bachmann loves to provide innovative design and unique features, there is no exception. This one also comes with an attractive design and some excellent features.

Complex assembly system

If the E-Z track set comes with a complex assembly system, it will create some extra pressure in your mind. Kids who love to do things by themselves may get frustrated with a difficult installation.

So, here comes this track set. It is easy and quick to assemble. Anyone, literally anyone, with some basic assemble knowledge, can put tracks together.

A great flexibility

What I like most about this track set is its flexibility. You can use it with your existing setup. Or, you can also create a new configuration of turnouts and lines.

In addition, you can also consider this track to add double-track mainlines with your existing railroad.

No need any special tools

You don’t need any fasteners or special tools. This is a pre-built track set. You just need to assemble the track pieces.

However, this set carries 2 Hayes bumpers, 4 pieces radius curved tracks, the same amount of straight tracks, and both right and left remote turnout.

A common question users often ask, 

“why do they charge that much?” – Well, if you compare the material quality and overall design, it is no longer in competition with others. So, to get the best quality on the market, you should consider a few more bucks!

  • It is made of quality plastics
  • Recommended age 14+ (small part included)
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Great for floors, carpets, and tables
  • Grey roadbed and nickel silver rail

Final Words

There are not many suitable gift options left for your younger kids or others. An electric train or an N Scale track set could be an excellent option to consider. Kids who love to play with toys will definitely love those tracks reviewed above.

And yes, when seeking the best N Scale Track, consider our guidelines and in-depth reviews sincerely. I hope it will help bringing you the desired track. 

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