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Best Mailers 2021 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

When you call mailers or shipping envelopes, these things are really handy. They give a lot of material options, and they can save you a lot of money on shipping.

Today, we’ll talk about some best mailers available in the market. Honestly, there’s a lot to consider when you’re choosing a type of packaging for your product.

You might be thinking about “how does it look and does it fit my product properly,” But what you might not be thinking about is how much space does that package take up.

If you compare mailers to boxes in terms of space and money, the mailers are more than worth your time and attention.

The difference is massive not only in less material, but they ship cheaper, and to boot, there’s a bunch of different design options so you can present your brand beautifully.

If you’re going with plastic, you can go with poly mailers. Poly mailers are the go-to for soft goods. For extra padding, you can do its poly bubble. Basically, a poly bubble is a poly mailer but bubble laminated inside. And the hardshell poly bubble feels a little bit more hardcore- it’s where the poly and the bubble are actually merged into one material.

So, don’t get confused. We’ll look into all the features and specifications of each and every top mailers available on the market. You don’t need to track all the features under the sun, because it is all I did for you.

So, let’s dive in!

Product Image

Product Name

Editor’s Rating


51fTrzYFuNL Metronic 50Pcs Poly Bubble Mailers, 4X8 Inch Padded Envelopes Bulk

5 out of 5

414X RjAqDL UCGOU 10×13 Inch 200-Pack Teal Poly Mailers

5 out of 5

515ldvSguGL GSSUSA Pink Poly Bubble Mailers

4.5 out of 5

SJPACK White Poly MailersSJPACK White Poly MailersSJPACK White Poly MailersSJPACK White Poly MailersSJPACK White Poly MailersSJPACK White Poly MailersSJPACK White Poly Mailers SJPACK White Poly Mailers

4.5 out of 5

41q9q59jR9L UCGOU 6×10 Inch Teal Poly Bubble Mailers

5 out of 5

What to Consider Before Buying a Poly Mailers & Bubble Mailers

A mailer is something that we use frequently. If you are about to buy mailers for your business purposes, then it is obvious to be more careful about choosing one. A mailer box or envelope strongly represents your brand and business.

Imagine, you are shipping a $100 dollar watch in a normal paper mailer, and it is a rainy day. It’s raining, cats and dogs. I think you feel the tamper. No matter how they ship or deliver it, it’s your duty to pack it with a water-resistant bag.

Furthermore, if it is not a poly bubble mailer, it is no wonder that the watch will be damaged. So, there are some basic facts that you should follow to avoid some unusual experiences.


Security, I mean privacy, is all-important for shipping. Let me tell you why. Suppose, you are shipping some important papers to another office. Some important dealings, deeds are there- so what would be your first priority? Absolutely, security, and privacy.

Or, imagine, you are mailing a nice handmade gift to your friend who lives in New York. What if someone opens it and watches it and then re-seals it? This is simply unacceptable. So, when you choose a mailer package, make sure it is tamperproof. Self-adhesive mailers don’t require any reinforcement tape or extra glue.

Well, most of the mailers I listed here have self-adhesive sealing. Choose one which suits your business most.


This is what keeps your shipping cost low. To be honest, most of the mailers weigh not more than 1/2 ounces. So, in the case of poly mailers, it is something that happens automatically.

Well, think for a moment. How many items do you ship in the wooden box? -Maybe a number of products if you are not that concerned about your costs. Identify those items and try to convert them shipping in poly mailers. It reduces not only expenses but also space.


For fragile and odd-shaped items, plain poly mailers are not enough. Mailers designed with an air bubble inside are the most suitable option for this. In the case of clothes, papers, or non-fragile products, it is okay to ship with a poly mailer, but for items like cosmetics, medicine, jewelry, or seeds, it is safe to use poly bubble mailers.

Air bubble technology protects your items from external pressure and absorbs shock. So, it is always better to avoid shipping fragile items without an air bubble inside.

And a BONUS feature you will get with poly bubble mailers is you can use it for multipurpose. No matter it is fragile items or non-fragile, you can use bubble mailers confidently.

Weatherproof and Tear-resistant

If the padded package mailer is not made with quality plastics, I mean polyurethane, then it starts tearing easily. Imagine, you buy a nice looking grey color poly mailer, and it gets torn after a while! So, make sure you avoid choosing low-quality poly mailers that tear up easily.

And another crucial feature of an ideal poly mailer is its water and dust resistance ability. Get a poly mailer that is reliable in every season – no matter it is winter, summer, or rain.

Our Top 11 Best Mailers Reviews in 2021

As there are several options available at the moment on the market, it is easy to get perplexed when choosing a mailer. No worries! I am here to get you out of this situation. I have narrowed the list to only 13 mailers that really are doing good in recent times.

1. Metronic 50Pcs Poly Bubble Mailers, 4X8 Inch Padded Envelopes Bulk

Metronic 50Pcs Bubble MailersMetronic 50Pcs Bubble MailersMetronic 50Pcs Bubble Mailers

Metronic poly bubble mailer is the true definition of a poly mailer bag. It adds an extra pop of color to the mail and stands out from the rest. You can conveniently differentiate these special bubble mailers from the standard ones.

Thick and heavy mailers often cause in increasing the shipping cost. Imagine shipping a birthday gift costs not more than 20 bucks, but the shipping cost is higher than that. How does it feel? Simply disturbing.

However, you don’t have to add extra shipping cost for this cute padded poly mailer. Because, Metronic poly mailer is lightweight.

Mailer tearing is something horrible that can knock down your whole shipping experience. In the case of average paper package envelopes, they get torn easily with sharp or odd-shaped products. To get excellent waterproof and cushioning protection for your shipment, you need tear-resistant envelopes.

Mailers with durable and sturdy surfaces can save you from unwanted product damage and mailer tearing. This poly bubble mailer comes with multilayered polyethylene sheets, which ensure the utmost product safety and full protection of your shipment.

During shipping, the protection of fragile things is all necessary. But, if you use heavy, thick hardboard to protect your items, it may increase your shipping cost considerably.

So, what can you do to protect your items and keep the cost low as well? What about a well-padded poly mailer? It is safe to mail lip glosses, medicines, jewelry, seed, makeup tools, and many more. Better yet, you can easily attach self-adhesive stamps on its laminated top.

Moreover, the Metronic mailer is a self-adhering envelop, as in, you don’t have to worry about the security issues. After you seal it, no one can open it without an explicit sign of tampering.

Thus, it will undoubtedly make your shipment easier and safer if you use this poly bubble mailer.


Highlighted Features

  • Protect your fragile things
  • Reduce shipping cost
  • Secure your shipment
  • Avoid mailer tearing
  • Get waterproof & cushioning protection

2. UCGOU 10×13 Inch 200-Pack Teal Best Poly Mailers

UCGOU 10x13 Inch 200-Pack Teal Poly MailersUCGOU 10x13 Inch 200-Pack Teal Poly MailersUCGOU 10x13 Inch 200-Pack Teal Poly Mailers

The UCGOU mailer is one of the best-selling poly mailers on Amazon or anywhere. It looks smart and super customizable for your brand. This Teal poly mailer comes in various attractive colors. Thus, it makes your product look better than standard white shipping envelopes.

Imagine, shipping products on a rainy day with average paper envelopes. It certainly reduces some packaging costs, but what about your product? So, ultimately your hard-earned dollars will go in vain. This water-resistant poly envelope can help you out. It is affordable yet very handy to use on rainy or snowy days.

Probably being lightweight is the best attribute of a shipping bag. No matter which type of bag it is, it certainly reduces the cost and makes shipping easy. This teal poly mailer is lightweight. Better yet, it has a good stretch.

In addition, this mailer is tear-resistant as in you don’t have to worry about its appearance. Tearing is one of the major problems in shipping. It can change the whole look of a beautiful poly mailer. However, no worries, as long as you have UCGOU poly mailers.

If you want to ship fragile items, this product is not the ideal choice. It is good for shipping clothes and small soft products. As it has no bubble inside, it can damage your product.

Collecting an extra reinforcement tape may seem a hassle for you. It requires extra time and money. Therefore, this mailer comes with built-in self-adhesive stamps on top. Better yet, the adhesive is tamper-evident as in no one can reopen unless he leaves a sign of tampering.

So, finally, if you really on a hunt for a good looking poly mailer, this will definitely satisfy you. In case of any quality issue, they have a money return and replacement policy.

Highlighted Features 

  • Use for clothes and small products
  • No reinforcement tape required
  • Tamper-evident adhesive stamp
  • Avoid using for breakable products
  • Water-resistant and have a good stretch

3. GSSUSA Pink Poly Bubble Mailers


Are you looking for a colorful poly mailer? Here are the GSSUSA poly mailers, available in different colors. This particular package comes with pink poly bubble mailers. They look glossy and shiny.

You certainly don’t want to face handwriting or labeling problems for your shipment, right? However, the truth is you may have to face sealing and labeling problems with some poly mailers.

If the surface is not smooth, you won’t write there well. I mean, you need a good hand feel to write well. At the same time, if you have this poly mailer, you don’t have to worry about it. It feels good in the hand and no problem with handwriting or sealing what so ever.

You can use this multipurpose mailer for both official and unofficial shipments. It is totally compatible with offices, schools, shops, and any place where transportation is required.

If the envelope isn’t tear-resistant, you are going to have a tough time in shipping. If the envelope isn’t tear-resistant, it will spread in the process of transportation. Fortunately, these poly mailers are tear-resistant. You can use them in any condition you like.

In addition, you don’t need any reinforcement tape for these bubble mailers. These are the self-sealing envelopes with super-strong viscosity. Moreover, they have end-to-end bonding. Therefore, you have no worries about product packaging safety.

Shipping fragile items is always risky. Keeping products in good condition during the transportation is the real challenge. Especially, for irregular and sharp items like cosmetics, fashion accessories, paintings, etc. And, it is a real bizarre, if you wish to send them in normal paper envelopes.

However, if you have this good looking safe envelope, you can avoid those having these unwanted experiences. Because, this poly mailer provides the best protection during odd shaped and fragile items.

Highlighted Features

  • Multipurpose bubble mailers
  • Suitable for fragile and odd-shaped items
  • Tear-resistant and tamper-evident
  • No reinforcement tape required
  • Lightweight and colorful

4. SJPACK White Poly Mailers

SJPACK White Poly MailersSJPACK White Poly MailersSJPACK White Poly MailersSJPACK White Poly MailersSJPACK White Poly MailersSJPACK White Poly MailersSJPACK White Poly MailersSJPACK White Poly Mailers

If you think all the poly mailers are the same, you probably haven’t seen the SJPACK White Poly Mailers. This package comes with a different appearance and effectiveness. Moreover, it comes at an affordable price. Better yet, you can use it for multipurpose and especially for larger items.

What I like most about this product is its weight. The mailer envelope is comparatively bigger, but it weighs almost the same. This lightweight poly mailer will help you save some valuable bucks, that’s for sure.

This polybag is thinner than other poly mailers. That’s why it suitable for larger soft items. It certainly reduces cost, but shipping fragile items won’t be ideal with this bag. This bag is more about saving your money for shipping larger items – especially clothes and papers. However, avoid shipping anything sharp or shaped odd.

More conveniently, these mailers are water and dirt resistant. So, you don’t need to look into the weather forecast frequently. Pack with this mailer and sit relax; it will reach its station safe and secured.

Well, questions may arise in your mind, like – how wide can these mailers go? Could this mailer hold a pair of folded jeans? – Yes, you can comfortably ship 3/4 pairs of jeans with this polybag. However, it could be too small to ship a blanket or bedding. A young size leather jacket is okay, but an adult size jacket will probably too big for it.

Despite being unfavorable for fragile items, these mailers guarantee 100% satisfaction for your larger soft items. They feature high strength durable closures which ensure the utmost safety and security. Moreover, it provides a self-sealing black lining at the top.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for large items
  • Avoid shipping fragile items
  • Water and dirt resistant
  • Self-sealing
  • Lightweight; comparatively thinner

5. UCGOU 6×10 Inch Teal Poly Bubble Mailers


The standard mailers carry a good facility of labeling, stamping, and hard-writing. This is a feature that most of the manufacturers find challenging to achieve. However, UCGOU Teal poly bubble mailers make it effortless and affordable for you to have a label or stamp on top of mailers.

The mailer prides itself as the ‘Mail Stuff.’ How many times have you found mailing CDs or Video games real tough? As they are fragile in nature and extremely breakable, normal shipping envelopes are not suitable for them. They need padded envelopes with soft bubbles inside. This mailer package comes exactly the same. They are padded with quality opaque teal poly film.

If you use it for your business purpose, I recommend getting different colors of it. I mean, you can try different packages at a time. It will help you to customize your brand.

Probably, being lightweight is the best part of it. Unlike other poly mailers, it is thinner, stronger yet it weighs less than many other poly mailers. This mailer will ship your product safe and keep your costs low. Amazing enough!

When it comes to cushion shipping, bubble mailers are the best of all. No poly mailer is safe for breakable products unless it is padded with bubbles. This poly envelope is sufficient to protect your fragile items.

Imagine, you are shipping something top secret, and you cannot trust whom you assigned to ship- how does it feel? Will the message remain secret, or will it be revealed anyhow? It seems a real problem for both official and non-official tasks. This time, you have no worries if you use this poly bubble mailer. Not only it protects your files and items, but it also secures them. Because, its adhesive on the fold-over flap is strong enough. You cannot open it unless you tear it up.

Finally, a Bonus tip, while writing over it, avoid using whiteboard marker pens. Use oil-based paint marker pens.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight; reduce your shipping cost
  • Thick enough (not transparent)
  • Tamper-evident
  • Mail CD, Video Games, etc.
  • Feels smooth to touch
  • Perfect for hand-writing, stamping, and labeling

6. FungLam 10×13 Purple Poly Mailers

31jBTpO0vVLNow, FungLam poly mailers come at 6 of our best mailers list. If you are on a hunt for affordable yet impressive mailers, this is one of them that you cannot ignore.

One of the biggest reasons behind loving this product is its silver inner layer. You know, sometimes you need to ship some sort of confidential products. It could be for home, office, or business purposes. The inner silver layer makes it cloudy so that no one can see or read anything inside.

When it comes to tearing and water resistance, you cannot deny its necessity. This moly mailer provides really good protection against all sorts of tear, dirt, and water issues. Thus, it protects your items- no matter winter or summer.

Without having a bubble inside, you cannot ship fragile and odd shaped products in a poly mailer. I mean, any breakable product shouldn’t be shipped with a plain poly mailer.

And, this mailer doesn’t have the bubble inside. So, it is better not to ship any breakable product with it. Moreover, avoid shipping any item with it, which requires layer protection inside.

And yes, you can ship any type of stationery products and clothes with this mailer having the utmost ease and safety.

Another important feature of this particular mailer is it can be recycled. However, it all depends on your region. Moreover, this lightweight mailer keeps your shipping cost really under the margin.

Finally, in .13 cents, you would probably not expect anything more than this mailer. It looks good and carries well as well. Certainly, a great product to have.

Highlighted Features 

  • Tear and puncture-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Use for the non-breakable product (ex: clothes)
  • High strength durable closure
  • Water and dirt protective

7. HBlife Gray Padded Envelopes


Next in our list of top poly mailers is the HBlife Gray padded envelope. Commonly known as the HBlife poly bubble mailer, this item contains some of the highest quality materials, which make it durable and safe to ship.

The high quality allows the mailer to maintain the optimum level of security and safety. It ensures tear and puncture-resistant surface, which makes it more reliable to its users.

What I like most about this product is its multipurpose usability. It is fit for most of the small items. That way, you will be able to use it for home, office, shop, or other business purposes.

Suppose, you sell loose electronic or cable or something. Will you ever want it to get wet in the box? Certainly a Big NO! So the safest way to ship your electronic items is to stick them in these mailers first and then, put them in a box.

Could you name me a product that reduces your cost as well as does you a favor for you? You won’t find many. Think for a moment; this is a product that significantly reduces your shipping cost and worth only a few cents. And the best part is you already have the protection inside. The air bubble!

Not all the mailers are safe to ship fragile products. Fortunately, this envelope comes with air bubbles inside. So, no problem at all for shipping odd-shaped or breakable products. I know someone who sells cake. And she uses this bubble mailer to ship her orders. And she is so happy about this product. She says, “I’m definitely going to re-order this product because the first-class shipping label fits perfect on this mailer.”

Finally, this self-adhesive mailer can give you the desired security because it is tamperproof. Unless you tear it up, nothing will come apart. So, I highly recommend this product for both official and non-official use.

Highlighted Features

  • Tear and puncture-resistant
  • You can ship fragile items
  • Self-adhesive and tamperproof
  • Multipurpose mailer
  • No safety or security issue

8. Fuxury 10×13 100pc Teal Poly Mailers Shipping Envelops

Joining us at the number eight slot of our best mailers list is Fuxury Teal Poly Mailers. This mailer package comes in a brighter look than others. If you are a person who loves to make things attractive, this poly mailer can definitely help you this time.

If you are in search of poly mailers for your business, you cannot ignore this package. These mailers can change the whole look of your product shipping. The glossy surface and grey inner lining make these mailers customizable as well as beautiful.

Well, we all look for one thing in common when we ship something- safety and security, right? Yes, this mailer comes with strong velocity and a high-quality self-adhesive sealing system. As in, it will keep your items secured and safe as well.

It is suitable for shipping clothes, jackets, shirts, small backpacks any other soft small things. Pack with this mailer and make your product more attractive and mysterious as well.

Imagine, your poly envelope has 6 layer membrane and stretches 3 times longer than normal poly bags! Doesn’t it sound amazing? Yes, it may seem impossible at this price, but Fuxury makes it possible. They outraced all other poly envelope manufacturers at this feature.

When it comes to water and dirt resistance, there is no option of compromising. This is one of the prime qualities that a mailer should have. Suppose, this mailer is good for shipping clothes, bags, and other soft items, but it is not water and dust-proof, so what will be the point of buying this mailer?

You know, what is a mailer for? – To protect and to ship your products safe, right? So, as this product is waterproof and dust-resistant, you can use this poly envelope willingly. It will keep your products safe even if they get left out cold in the rain.

Highlighted Features

  • Light enough to save your money
  • Waterproof and dirt-resistant
  • Durable protection
  • Provides high-end security
  • Keeps your products as good as new

9. KKBESTPACK 10×13 Pink Poly Mailers

This is a relatively affordable mailer that will also give you a high-quality shipping experience. It is suitable for shipping non-fragile and soft small items. KKBESTPACK uses really glossy polyurethane this time. You can easily differentiate this one from other poly envelopes.

If you are looking for a poly mailer that will help you to customize your brand and business, you cannot ignore this product. It has an excellent finish that ultimately helps you to catch more attention from your buyers. Not only for business purposes, this also highly considerable for sending gifts to your near ones.

If a mailer has a security issue, then it is useless. I sound a little harsh, maybe. But, this is all I feel about this particular issue. There is no point in using a poly envelope unless it has a strong security assurance. Fortunately, this poly mailer comes with a reliable self-seal closure on its top. Plus, it is tamperproof. So, there is no reason for feeling unsecured. If someone opens the envelope, you will certainly detect it.

Another significant feature that an ideal mailer should carry is being water-resistant. This is a basic quality of a quality poly mailer. And if it is waterproof, then probably it is dust-resistant too. You know, no one wants its product to get wet or dirty during shipping. Thus, this product also ensures its quality here. It is totally water and dust resistant. No worries at all.

What I like most about this product is it sticks shipping labels very intensely. If you place it straight, I mean, wrinkle-free, then, no option to get it off. Oh! One more thing, these poly mailers are not paid mail bags. You need to buy postage as you use them.

Highlighted Features

  • High quality self-sealing
  • Waterproof and dust-resistant
  • Secures your shipping
  • It is comparatively affordable
  • Avoid shipping weighty and fragile items

10. Matte White Poly Bubble Mailers 6×10 Inches

This poly bubble mailer from QD BAG MART is one of the best poly mailers available on the market right now. Let me tell you why. First of all, it comes with a fashionable design that will help you to make your business more acceptable and reasonable.

And the second thing is, it is made from 100% virgin plastic that helps it to stands out among the top bubble mailers. The manufacturer uses moisture resistant multi-layer blend of polyurethane film. And, which ultimately makes it more durable and tear-resistant.

Tell me one thing first. What do you think the most crucial fact to look for in a bubble mailer? Its weight? Wrong. It is okay to look for a lightweight mailer envelope, but this is not all mailing about. Look, in this top mailer list, most of the bubble or plain mailers are lightweight. A mailer weighs not more than 1/2 ounces. So, what is the deciding feature of a poly mailer? Keep thinking about it. I will share my thoughts later on this review.

This is a multipurpose mailer. You can ship cosmetics, medicine, clothes, papers, jewelry, and so many things if you have a pack in your collection. As it has bubble line wall construction inside, it protects your items way better than a normal paper envelope.

Now, come to the question, what is the most influential feature of a poly mailer? It is its security. Plus, its capability of resisting dust and water. I aligned these two features in the security category. Because, if you only have protection from humans, but not from the weather, then it doesn’t make sense at all. Both are equally important.

Now, fortunately, this product carries both these two features. It is waterproof and dust-resistant, and it has a tear-proof self-sealing system. In addition, it is shockproof as well.

So, finally, I suggest this one if you want to use mailer for multipurpose. And, this one of the best bubble mailers on our list, no doubt. It will certainly worth every penny of your hard-earned money.

Highlighted Features

  • Protect your fragile things during transit
  • Attach self-adhesive stamp easily in the laminated top
  • Moisture resistant
  • Weatherproof and water-resistant
  • Ideal for fragile items

11. HBlife 6×10 Inches Best Bubble Mailers

HBlife 6x10 Inches Poly Bubble Mailers HBlife 6x10 Inches Poly Bubble Mailers HBlife 6x10 Inches Poly Bubble Mailers HBlife 6x10 Inches Poly Bubble Mailers HBlife 6x10 Inches Poly Bubble Mailers HBlife 6x10 Inches Poly Bubble Mailers HBlife 6x10 Inches Poly Bubble Mailers HBlife 6x10 Inches Poly Bubble Mailers

Want to make your business look more professional? Here is a quality poly mailer that can help you. This mailer is perfect for customizing your small business. As HBlife is pretty much concerned about the product quality and its durability, it is made from high-quality material. Thus, you can remain more confident and relaxed shipping your products.

At the same time, this also suitable to use inter-personal and family purposes. Especially, this standard grey poly bubble mailer is well-known for gift purposes. Small items like wrist watches, books, shirts can be easily shipped with this mailer.

As it is a poly bubble mailer, it allows you to ship fragile and breakable items confidently. But the interesting part is it uses the 80gsm bubble with unique air cellular layers. This is rare in a poly bubble envelope. Really.

Moreover, HBlife provides 360-degree strong air bubble technology- just to transit your products safe. It actually absorbs the shock instantly. For small fragile items, there is no other better option left than this poly bubble mailer.

If you think about the safety and security issue, it is tamperproof. To make it more secured, you don’t need to buy extra reinforcement tape. Since, it has a peel and stick lip that provides a well tamper-evident closure. Plus, the self-adhesive seal is strong enough to go end-to-end. No worries.

Another crucial thing about this mailer is it comes with a smooth and soft surface. It essentially allows you to write, stamp, and label easily.

Finally, if you are on a hunt for a multipurpose poly mailer for business, home, shop, or school, it necessitates another look.

Highlighted Features

  • Customize your small business
  • Fashionable design and lightweight
  • Tamperproof and water-resistant
  • Great for fragile items
  • High-quality air bubble technology
  • No reinforcement tape required


Frequently Asked Question

1. Question: Can I ship an adult leather jacket in a poly mailer?

Answer: It depends on your mailer size. If I answer in general, it will be difficult to ship an adult leather jacket with a normal size poly mailer. Maybe, a shirt and jeans or a couple of folded jeans will be suitable for one mailer. I hope you understand.

2. Question: What size of shipping label should I use?

Answer: Generally speaking, a 4″*6″ label fits fine with most of the poly mailers. If you use a bit different size poly envelope, consider fitting it according to your size. You will find several online companies who will do this for you.

3. Question: Will I get the approval of USPS for first-class large envelopes and flats? 

Answer: I recommend selecting a flat rate-any box when you ship jewelry or cosmetics. The size matches perfect as advertised online.

4. Question: Can I ship chocolates or cookies that can melt at 80 degrees?

Answer: Yes, you can ship chocolates and cookies with a poly mailer. However, try to ensure it is a poly bubble mailer.

5. Question: Would I be able to ship sunglasses?

Answer: Yes, you can ship sunglasses, but you need to put them in a bubble poly mailer. Without the air bubble technology, fragile items like sunglasses, bracelets, or jewelry can be broken down.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to use interesting material, it requires some research. How do they work? How recyclable are they? How durable is it in transit? And many more. I have tried to answer all of those questions in brief. So, make sure you know your facts before ordering thousands.

At the same time, there are a lot of options for mailers, each with their own look and feel, but the best mailers  share something very important in common- they can save you a lot of money in shipping. So if you haven’t considered mailers before, hopefully, you are now, and if you are still confused about picking one of them, you can make your own.


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