Top 10 Best Honey Jars

Top 10 Best Honey Jars Of 2022 (Comprehensive Buying Guide)

There aren’t many things in this world as sweet and flavorful as honey!

So it comes as no surprise that this natural food substance has been used in so many ways by people. Some use it for cooking delectable items, while some take advantage of its natural strength to fight against skin problems.

Additionally, it can help with our memory, fertility, diabetes, cancer, and much more!

However, have you noticed how messy it becomes whenever we attempt to take a little bit of this delicious condiment?

Top 10 Best Honey Jars

When we try to scoop an amount with a spoon, it drips all the way to our plate, and sometimes back! If you try to pour it directly from the container, it still keeps dripping around the jar’s mouth.

That is why you may consider just investing in a functional and aesthetically pleasing honey jar to solve all of these issues at once!

And don’t worry, they come at incredibly affordable costs. So you don’t have to go over your budget for even the best honey jar!

Our Top 10 Best Honey Jars For Long Lasting

01. STUDIO SILVERSMITHS Beehive Crystal Honey Jar


Why go for the typical honey jar when you can have a beautiful and exquisite one instead? That is exactly what Studio Silversmiths are here to offer you – an elegant jar where the light shines bright and the delicious honey stays safe!

So in addition to serving its purpose, you can easily keep it on the table as a decoration item too!

No Excuse for Quality 

It is not built to be flimsy, which means you can rely on its quality to serve your loved ones and guests well. The bottom is quite thick which makes it heavy enough to stay in place even if someone strokes it by accident or a strong wind comes into the room.

These unique honey jars are built with crystal material that makes the interesting translucent design possible. It is meant to resemble a beehive in the form of a dome-like upper structure.

How to Secure the Jar?

After filling it up according to your needs, just put the lid back on to secure the jar and then use its included wooden stick to scoop the honey without dripping.

Remember to not microwave it since the materials may react poorly to constant heat. However, you can wash it in the machine if necessary by putting it on the top rack.


  • Made with quality non-lead crystal materiaL
  • Beautiful ribbed design to resemble a beehive
  • A wooden spoon for serving honey included
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher if necessary
  • Comes at a very affordable price point

02. Kate Aspen Sweet As Can Bee Ceramic Honey Pot

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Kate Aspen is a renowned brand when it comes to tabletop decoration items. It has been providing elegant and high-quality products for special occasions like weddings and baby showers, as well as for daily needs.

You can use this honey container from Kate Aspen for adding a bit of honey to your regular delicacies, or preserve it for a special get-together!

Made Out of Ceramic

The body of this honey pot is made out of ceramic which guarantees sturdiness and longevity along with a smooth texture. It can protect itself from the usual scratches and water stains.

The honey jar with dipper comes in a beautiful gift box that you can utilize by keeping the bottom section and placing the pot on it. This arrangement can add more to the overall aesthetics of your dining or living room. It adds elegance to the whole setup in these rooms without causing any inconvenience.

The Bee Theme

Kate Aspen designed it carefully by keeping the bee theme in mind. You can see a little bee flying on its lid and body, while the pot’s structure is made in resemblance to the beehive layers.

Besides, it comes with a wooden dipper that has an adorable white heart in the end which makes the honey pot truly sweet!


  • Made of ceramic which keeps it safe from scratches
  • Both body and handle are designed in the theme of bees
  • Wooden dipper with a white gripping handle at its end
  • An ideal present that already comes in a gift box
  • One of the most affordable options you can find

03. Hunnibi Honey Dispenser No Drip Glass


If you have been looking for a honey pot that looks royal and modern at the same time, this is the one to suit your aesthetic needs perfectly! It comes from a brand called Hunnibi which specializes in pure honey products.

One of its widely popular items is the honey dispenser which brings creativity and convenience together.

The Hexagonal Motifs

The first thing you will take notice of is the hexagonal motifs on its body which clearly remind people of beeswax or honeycomb. As you go from the middle portion to either top or bottom ends, you will see the shape getting narrower.

This enhances its overall impression by making it both classy and contemporary.

High-quality Glass

Its entire body is made of high-quality glass that is strong, durable, and lightweight at the same time. As a result, you don’t have to worry about holding or carrying it for a longer time than usual while serving the guests.

When it is not in use, you can keep the pot in an equally sturdy glass stand that holds it in place.

How to Keep It Safe?

While the stand makes sure that the pot stays put, the lid prevents any of the liquid stored inside from dripping around.

You will find the system of these glass jars very easy to use since you only have to press the trigger on its lid to release some honey from its bottom!


  • Refrains from dripping the honey or syrup anywhere
  • Designed with hexagonal motifs like a beehive
  • Comes with a sturdy stand to keep the pot steady
  • Made of strong, durable, and light glass material
  • Can hold up to 1 cup or 8 ounces of any liquid

04. Mkono Best Honey Jar with Dipper and Lid Glass

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For those of you who prefer simplicity over everything else, Mkono brings you honey pots designed to be completely unpretentious. All it focuses on is providing you with easy access to the delicious content inside – be it honey, maple syrup, or any other liquid with similar consistency.

The pot is made in a simple and straightforward structure. Its lower part is bulbous and much bulkier than the upper portion which helps to store a larger amount of honey.

Open the Pot Instantly 

The lid is also simplistic with a small ball on top which helps you to open the pot instantly without any struggle.

This is one of the best jars for honey when it comes to safety. Its body and the included dipper are both made of high-quality borosilicate glass which originates from boron trioxide.

The Pot’s Durability

This material increases the pot’s durability since it does not crack even under extreme temperature changes.

That is why many restaurants and lab items are made out of borosilicate glass.

Non-toxic Material

This material is also non-toxic which means you will not harm the environment by investing in it. With each of these honey bottles, you can store up to nine ounces of honey, syrup, or something similar. The stick is six inches long with a classic grooved end which can easily be twirled to pick up some honey.

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  • A simple design for easy viewing and dipping
  • Made of high-quality transparent borosilicate glass
  • Its non-toxic material does not contribute to pollution
  • Each unit can hold up to nine ounces of honey or syrup
  • A stick of six inches in length included for dipping

05. Jarware Stainless Steel Honey Dipper Lid


If you have a limited budget or prefer a simplistic approach to finding the right honey pot, you can get your hands on this affordable lid which also performs as a dipper.

It can transform any regular mason jar into a handy honey pot by making the stored condiment more easily accessible for everyone.

The Master of Durability

As we all know, stainless steel is the master of durability when it comes to kitchen appliances. It vehemently fights against corrosion, fire, and heat which contributes to its long lifespan.

Besides, items made from this material are much easier to clean than other alternatives.

The Lid Fits Any Mason Jar

This lid can fit any mason jar with a regular mouth and turn it into a honey pot with the attached dipping stick in its center. The twisted tip at the end of this stick helps to hold more honey from the pot than other typical sticks.

It is easy to hold onto because of its textured tip.

How Easy to Wash?

You can easily wash it after use or when the amount of stored honey is exhausted. It can be done manually or on the top rack of a dishwasher.

Mason jars compatible with it usually have a capacity of 16 ounces.


  • The lid is made of stainless steel for high durability
  • Fits any mason jar having a regular-sized mouth
  • Works best for jars with a capacity of 16 oz.
  • Comes with a handle that easily draws out honey
  • All pieces can be cleaned using the dishwasher top rack

06. Mkono Honey Pot Glass Honey Jar with Dipper and Lid Cover


Another popular item of the brand Mkono is this glass honey jar which combines the dipper and the lid into a single component.

This system minimizes the amount of work you have to do for drawing out the honey and makes the whole process more effortless.

More Freedom to Swirl

You can have more freedom to swirl the stick in honey and extract as much as you want with this. There is more room for movement since the pot’s mouth is wider than the tiny opening usually left on a typical honey pot’s body.

The dipper itself is longer and thicker than the average one’s.

High-quality Glass

Both the 6¼ inches long stick and the jar are made with high-quality glass that is safe for the environment. Its non-toxic feature makes it a highly desirable item for environmentally aware people.

Maximum Capacity

Even though its maximum capacity is technically 14 ounces, the manufacturers recommend filling it up with 13.75 ounces of honey or maple syrup at most.

After using it, you will need to clean all the pieces manually since this product is not safe for dishwashers.


  • Made of high-quality non-toxic glass
  • Dipper of length 6¼ inches attached to the lid
  • Both the jar and the dipper are easy to hold
  • Can hold up to 14 ounces of honey or syrup
  • Needs to be cleaned only by hand

07. Lawei Honey Jar with Dipper and Lid Glass


This simple but elegant honey jar from Lawei is made to withstand the highest temperature differentials. Each component of this honey pot set is built from the classy and effective material of borosilicate glass.

It keeps the parts safe from getting fractured since it has less thermal stress than other similar materials.

Strength and Durability

Along with adding more strength and durability to the honey jar, borosilicate glass also serves the environment well by being completely non-toxic. Besides, keeping the condiment inside this jar for a long time will not add an undesired taste to it.

This set brings so many benefits to your table while also looking elegant there.

Hold Up to 10 Ounces

Each unit of this classy and convenient jar can hold up to 10 ounces of honey, maple syrup, or other edible items having the same viscosity.

On top of that, you will also get a dipping stick and a beautiful matching lid with every unit.

A Small Disadvantage

Unfortunately, there is a small disadvantage to using it. The opening in its lid is not big enough to always pull out the dipper smoothly. Its bulbous end can be too large for the gap.

So you may have to lift the lid with one hand and twist the dipper in honey with the other one.


  • Made of non-toxic classy borosilicate glass
  • Adds no extra taste to the stored honey
  • Heat-resistant material doesn’t fracture
  • Each jar has a capacity of up to 10 ounces
  • The lid needs to be lifted up for each use

08. Young’s Inc Ceramic Jar with Honey Dip

The brand of Young’s Inc has been here since 1988. It specializes in providing aesthetic items that make the perfect choices for gifts, home decoration, and fashion accessories.

Like all other elegant and trendy products from them, this honey jar made of ceramic also comes with a beautiful design.

Beehive Patterns

Most of its body and lid bear subtly embossed beehive patterns. One of the most beautiful aspects of this design is the cute little yellow-white bee on top of its lid.

This design makes it seem like a bee is holding on to the beehive since this is where you put its honey!

Stick made of Wood

There is also a dipping stick made of wood in this set. At first glance, you almost don’t realize the difference in materials between these two since the wooden dipper has a similar shade to the jar!

However, this particular wood seems to be quite lightweight which further enhances the aesthetic value of this product.

Hold Up to 8 Ounces

You can rely on the honey jar to hold up to 8 ounces of honey at a time. Although it is meant for serving honey, you can definitely use the jar for serving other delicious items of similar consistency or viscosity as well!

Be sure to not use it on a dishwasher or a microwave since the jar is not meant to withstand their setups.


  • Designed with embossed beehive patterns
  • Both body and lid are made of ceramic
  • The dipping stick is built with lightweight wood
  • Holds up to eight ounces of honey at most
  • Not safe for microwave or dishwasher

09. KooK Honey Jar with Dipper


For those of you who love the classic design of honey jars and prefer them in a compact size, this one from Kook can be a considerable option. It is small, simple, and adorable with the traditional honey jar structure.

This item can elevate the appeal of almost any dining table without ruining its well-planned aesthetic.

Width and Height

The main body is only three inches in height while the cork lid is 2.5 inches tall. Through a narrow opening on the lid’s side, the 6-inches long dipper makes its way into the honey stored inside.

A small circular structure on the lid makes it easier for you to open it and serve the honey whenever necessary.

High-quality Glass

Both the jar and the dipper are made from high-quality glass that lets you see the amount of honey present within the container. There are waves or layers present throughout the body and the lid for adding subtle elegance.

You can put it on the table for daily family dinners or special occasions.

Hold Up to 9 Ounces

Each of these jars can hold up to nine ounces of honey or a similar condiment at a time. They are safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher which takes the cleanup work off your hands!

For all these reasons, it is often deemed as the best honey jar by many.


  • Made of transparent glass for easy viewing
  • Comes with a glass dipper to avoid dripping
  • It has the capacity of holding up to nine ounces of honey
  • Suits any table decoration setup or occasion
  • Can be cleaned in the dishwasher safely

10. Hexagon Mini Glass Honey Jars with Wood Dipper


If the smallest jars mentioned on our list didn’t seem like the right ones for you, here are some ultra-small honey jars to fit your aesthetic preferences.

The idea behind making them so small is to give each jar to a single guest. So if you are planning for an amazing house party or a fun hangout, these would be the perfect pieces to go with the arrangement!

Sets of 20 Jars

For this reason, they come in sets of 20 jars at a time. Each of them can hold up to 1.5 fluid ounces of honey or syrup which would be enough for a single guest.

There are three materials at play for the three separate components in these jar sets.

Lead-free Glass

The first one is of course the jar itself which has been made from lead-free glass. Awareness of environmental responsibilities continues with its golden BPA-free tin lid that functions like a screw.

Lastly, its dipper is made of food-grade wood.

As you can see, every part of these units has been manufactured keeping the well-being of both consumers and our planet in mind.


  • The jar is made of glass that is free of lead
  • A golden lid which is made from BPA-free tin
  • Dipper made from food-grade natural wood
  • Comes in a package of 20 pieces of glass jars
  • Each unit can hold about 1.5 ounces of honey

Factors to Consider before Purchasing the Perfect Honey Jar

1. Material

Honey jars can be made of many materials, which dictates the respective level of affordability to some extent. It would be the safest option to not go for plastic jars since this material can either leech chemicals into the honey or draw too much water from it.

FAQs for Honey Jar

If you have to choose plastic for some reason, go for the HDPE type.

Most of the well-known honey jars are made of glass, ceramic and similar materials. They do a better job of both storing the honey safely and then serving it in a pleasant way.

Make sure that the materials of both the jar and the dipper are safe to be used with food or edible items.

2. Convenience

Convenience, of course, plays a crucial role when you’re looking for the best honey jar.

You have to know if you prefer aesthetic pleasure over ease of use or vice versa. This is because there are many honey jars that look incredibly beautiful and pleasing to the eye when you take a glance at it.

However, once you start using it, the design may seem unnecessarily complicated or time-consuming.

A Common Inconvenience

One of the most common inconveniences for a honey jar is when its lid has a very narrow opening. It may cause you to struggle with entering the dipping stick into the honey and then taking it away once its job is done.

So make sure to invest in a honey jar that does well in terms of both design and functionality.

3. Capacity

The capacity of a honey jar dictates how much of the honey or your preferred condiment it can hold at a time. This amount is usually measured in fluid ounces.

Honey Jar Capacity

Generally, the capacity ranges from as low as 1.5 oz. to as much as a gallon! The ideal choice among them depends on your preferences or regular requirements.

4. Dishwasher Use

If you want to save some cleaning time for other household chores or professional tasks, you need to invest in a honey jar whose components can be cleaned using the dishwasher.

There are many high-quality, elegant, and affordable honey jars available in the market which are dishwasher safe. So you can easily pick one from them

Why Should You Use A Honey Jar?

Honey jars may seem like a luxury or an unnecessary item for the dining table to many. However, these jars are not only meant for fine dining or enhancing the aesthetics of a space.

There are some real advantages to having them around when you are serving a dish or a beverage that can be accentuated with honey.

Why Should You Use A Honey Jar?

Prevents Dripping

The major and most common problem we all face when dealing with honey is the way it drips all over. Pouring condiments like honey and maple syrup gracefully over a food item is quite the struggle.

Their unique viscosity doesn’t allow a spoon to fully pick up a certain amount. This is where products like a honey jar can make some difference.

These jars or containers come with a compatible stick or dipper which smoothly brings out the required amount of honey. 

Usually, the tip is a twisted one so that you can swirl it around in honey and add the drawn amount to your beverage or food.

No dripping of honey happens in this process and thus you can continue enjoying a good time with your loved ones while avoiding any sticky mess.

Safe Storage

There are many hone jars available in the market which serve as a safe storage option in addition to being a good serving container. These jars usually come with an airtight lid and an attached or standalone dipping stick.

So you can use them as a 2-in-1 product which offers you both the advantages simultaneously!

Easy Serving

Having a honey jar makes it easier for you to serve the condiment to guests and even to yourself. You can either fill up a normal-sized jar with enough honey for all or assign tiny jars to serve the guests individually.

Either way, it will be easier for everyone to access the honey with the included dipper. They can take as much as they need without causing inconveniences to others. 

All they have to do is swirl the larger end in honey and bring it back to their plate, bowl, or cup.

Top Questions About Honey Jars (FAQs)

Which Honey Container Is The Best?

How to Choose the Best Honey Jars?

While a lot of factors depend on your individual preferences, generally the finest honey containers are made of glass. Jars whose body, lid, and dipper all are made from this material turn out to be the most excellent choices.

Other common choices like plastic can deteriorate the quality of honey. That is why glass and ceramic are usually preferred over plastic.

You also have to make sure that the lid fits the jar’s mouth perfectly so that the honey is not exposed to air. For this reason, lids with attached dippers are safer for the daily use of honey jars.

Can You Reuse Honey Jars? 

It is not recommended to use honey jars for other viscous food items commercially, even if the containers have been cleaned up rigorously. However, when it comes to regular household usage, you can reuse honey jars after making sure that it is not damaged, chipped, or dirty.

Do You Need To Sterilize Honey Jars?

Do You Need To Sterilize Honey Jars?

There is no need to sterilize honey jars since it is antimicrobial in nature. This means honey can combat harmful microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses on its own. You don’t need to take any additional steps like sterilization to ensure its safety.

How Do You Unstick A Honey Jar?

The jar lid may get stuck sometimes, especially if its structure is similar to that of mason jars. To unstick it, first of all, you will need some hot water. You can get this right from your sink or heat up cold water on the stove. Then just hold the jar’s lid under the running hot water for a couple of minutes. After that, wrap the wet jar with a dish towel and twist the lid to open it up.

Final Words

As you can see, the simple act of getting honey for your tea can also create quite a struggle! However, the best honey jars will remove all of those issues out of your way instantly!

Maintaining these elegant jars doesn’t cause much of a hassle either since many of them can be cleaned in the dishwasher. If the lid gets stuck at any point, you can just put it under running hot water and dissolve the situation.

Just make sure that the honey jar of your choice has been built with durable material and the included dipper is long enough to reach the bottom of this jar. That way, you never have to try too hard to enjoy the truly sweet times again and again!

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