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Top 7 Best Dixit Expansion Review 2021 – Excellent Selections!

Dixit has been the most awarded card game for its creative and storytelling power. It has helped innumerable families and friends to come together on the same platform.

That’s a welcome change from the usual scenario of each of us focusing on our handheld devices!

As the latest technologies soar to new heights, they are making us less and less sociable. It takes us longer to break the ice when we are at a party or a professional workshop. Card games like Dixit can come to the rescue in this type of situation.

If you have played the base game, then you must be familiar with the 84 cards and their corresponding artworks.

You probably have run out of clues for each of these cards if you’re a seasoned gamer of Dixit.  Now, it’s time to get a Dixit expansion.

There are some extensions that have been made to the game. But how would you pick the best Dixit expansion? It’s simple! Just read through this article and you’ll know the answer.

Product Image Product Name Editor’s Rating Price
51pSQ mlCNL. SL75 Dixit By Asmodee For 3-6 Players 5 out of 5
51Tk1vfd CL. SL75 Asmodee Dixit Board Game Standard 5 out of 5
Product name 4.5 out of 5
Product name 5 out of 5
Product name 4.5 out of 5

After extensive research and nuggets from user reviews, this post offers you the top picks from the world of Dixit Expansions.

Top 7 Best Dixit Expansion In The Worlds

1. Dixit By Asmodee For 3-6 Players

51pSQ mlCNL

A slightly challenging game with visually appealing cards is all that is needed for quality time with friends and family.

Dixit is a popular game that involves some imagination and guesswork on the part of both the storyteller and the other players. A game for 3 to 6 players, you wouldn’t notice how time flies by as this is so engaging!

The emotive artworks on the cards can spin stories of magic and wonder. Take your imagination for a ride and indulge in fun moments. You are bound to have a great time as you rack your brains to match the storyteller’s clue to the picture on the cards.

The storyteller’s job is by no means easy. They have to make a clue corresponding to the image on the card. This clue should neither be too easy nor too hard. Thinking of something that strikes the right balance is a bit daunting, but it can be entertaining too.

Suitable for everyone from 8 years and above, Dixit is an excellent exercise in developing creativity, storytelling, and guessing powers.

The dreamy artworks on the oversized cards are all original. They naturally spark off the imagination. With simple and easy-to-understand rules, it won’t be a bore at all.

A standard game usually lasts for about 30 minutes. There are 84 cards and 6 pieces of 6 different colors for 6 players. For more convenience, you have the score track on the playing board. With space for 3 expansions, you are welcome to add on these when you get bored with the original cards.

Highlighted Features

  • Dixit is for 3 – 6 players aged 8 years and above.
  • Original artworks on oversized cards to spark the imagination.
  • 84 cards and 6 game pieces in 6 different colors.
  • Space for 3 expansions to add a new challenge.
  • Each game lasts for 30 minutes.

2. Asmodee Dixit Board Game Standard

51Tk1vfd CL

If you love metaphors, art, and abstract thinking, then a game of Asmodee Dixit is exactly your thing!

It comes with 84 cards depicting surreal images, 6 wooden rabbits as game pieces, a scoreboard, 36 tokens for voting, and a printed form of rules. Fit for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 players, this game will have you cooking up stories in no time!

With 30 minutes of game time, it’s guaranteed to make this half-hour full of fun and good cheer. A small family or a group of friends can have a rocking time at the playing board.

The pictures on the large cards are sure to tease your imagination. You’ll discover your latent storytelling power through this board game. No wonder it has won so many accolades!

For the storyteller in the game, it would be a challenge to string words together or make up a tune or a gesture that would convey what the imagery is about. As the rest of the players try to match an image to the storyteller’s clue, you’ll have endless entertainment and fun!

The more you play, the better you will get at storytelling and creating something out of nothing. You’ll learn so many different ways of interpreting art and looking at them from various angles. It will open up all the locked cells in your brain!

This game also encourages you to use pop culture references. If you play in a mixed group of kids and adults, such references are learning for both types of players.

Highlighted Features

  • 84 cards with surreal images for fostering creativity.
  • Fosters storytelling and imaginative powers.
  • Suitable for kids and adults.
  • Game time lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Encourages the use of metaphors, gestures, and other clues.

3. Dixit: Quest Expansion


It’s time to go up another level on the game of imagination and storytelling!

Here’s the Dixit Quest Expansion, formerly known as the Dixit 2. Add a whopping 84 cards more to your base game of Dixit and you have 168 cards in total! Don’t buy this expansion if you don’t have the base game already.

Increase the repertoire of your favorite board game by adding more cards with greater and more evocative pictures. This will certainly ensure you have a creative storytelling time with friends and family. It’s suitable for ages 8 years and above, so it’s bound to be a hit game at any party.

With artworks by the same artist as in the original version, you have more reasons to invest in this. These are all original artworks and constitute a collector’s item. You’ll never run out of clue options as the images are random and can take on any number of interpretations.

Since it is assumed you already have the original game, the Quest Expansion does not come with a scoreboard or game pieces or tokens for voting. Therefore, make sure you own a Dixit before moving on to expansions.

As the playing board also has the scoring track, you don’t need to refer constantly to the rules. That sure saves time!

This game could be your great companion if you’re headed out for a short family trip. Having this game will guarantee a good time for everyone!

Highlighted Features

  • 1. Dixit Quest Expansion, previously known as Dixit 2.
  • 2. 84 cards with artworks from the original artist.
  • 3. It does not include a scoreboard, game pieces, or voting tokens.
  • 4. Needs the original game version as the base game.
  • 5. The scoring track included on the playing board for convenience.

4. Asmodee Dixit: Daydreams Expansion

51oLoe9 RjL

If you are a veteran player of Dixit, then maybe you could bring a twist at this stage.

The Daydreams Expansion has illustrations done by a new artist and they portray images of many humans and animals. The color scheme of these brand new 84 cards is quite different from the original version of the renowned board game.

You will encounter mainly a muted color tone with random splashes of color. As the name suggests, there is less vibrancy in this set of images. They border more on the softer palette of colors.

These pictures are redolent with poetic imageries. Some of them also depict ordinary, everyday themes. However, such images have been polarized by the users. While some love them, others are not so excited.

You will get 84 cards in the pack and you must have the first version of the game to play it. That’s because you won’t get the basics like game pieces, voting tokens, scoring track, etc with this expansion.

It will be a great hit among a group of 3 to 6 players. The average time of completing the game is 30 minutes. So, if your party is beginning to get boring or you want your family to spend fun time together on a wintry evening, this is the game-changer.

The images may be a little difficult for kids aged below 8 years. These illustrations are very much like the art of Salvador Dali and young children may find it over the top.

Highlighted Features

  • Dreamlike illustrations by a different artist.
  • Muted color tone with splashes of color.
  • Not suitable for children under 8 years.
  • It does not include the basic game pieces, score track, or voting tokens.
  • For a group 0f 3 to 6 players.

5. Dixit – Revelations Expansion DIX09

Lose yourself in the world of ancient history which has the pace and convenience of modern technology.

Discover new realms as myths become reality and characters reveal their true face with no mask. The Dixit Revelations adds yet another dimension to the much-awarded family game.

With illustrations from a French painter, challenge yourself and your friends to a game where your powers of imagination will be put to test. Enjoy the art while you weave tales of magic that hint at a surrealistic world.

Keep 3 to 6 players occupied for at least half an hour till the game ends. All the players are guaranteed to have an enchanting time. Remember to keep your base game in a safe place as this expansion does not include the game pieces, voting tokens, and a scoring track.

Heavy with references to cubism, art deco, and surrealism, you won’t have a single boring moment at the playing board.

It’s appropriate for anyone aged 8 years or above. However, some Dixit reviews have warned that a few of the images still may not be suitable for children who have crossed 8 years. You are advised to use your own discretion.

For durability, the 84 cards are of good quality – heavy and thick. These also feel nice in the hands as they are oversized. The mystical images will get your creative juices flowing in the role of a storyteller. Barring a few images inappropriate for young eyes, this expansion is a great source of humor.

Highlighted Features

  • 1. Mystical images that depict urbanization and ancient history.
  • 2. Some images may be inappropriate for children.
  • 3. The cards are of good quality, made with a thick material.
  • 4. You must have the base game to play this expansion.
  • 5. It has references to cubism, art deco, and surrealism.

6. Dixit: Odyssey Expansion

Get on an adventure of a lifetime with the second expansion of Dixit – Odyssey Expansion.

The game components include a folding playing board, 12 game pieces in the shape of a rabbit, and voting tokens. What’s more, the rectangular box has enough space to accommodate all the expansion and base game cards.

The expansion allows the number of players to go up from 6 to 12. Thus, it enables a larger group to participate in the challenge of making and decoding clues.

In this version, you get different and varying rules for playing Dixit. It also suggests new ways of interpreting the cards and using them to your own advantage.

With tremendous re-playability, you would want to play Dixit Odyssey Expansion over and over again. The same image will offer various clues and it will be some time before you move on to another expansion.

The deck of colorful and exciting cards is easy to be blended with the base version of Dixit. Some users have had issues about how depressing and dark some of the images are. So, if you are playing with children, do leave out some of the cards that may not be appropriate for their viewing.

Being the best Dixit expansion, you can use it to play a game among 3 to 6 players without the need to have the base game. As it works as a stand-alone game, it gives you more flexibility.

Highlighted Features

1. Works as a stand-alone game without the base version.

2. It includes the basic game components.

3. Some images may be inappropriate for children.

4. More flexibility with the number of players up to 12.

5. It offers new ways of interpreting the cards and more re-playability.


7. Dixit – Journey Expansion DIX04

412QJaPr6 L

Continue your journey into the kingdom where pictures become real and clues show your creative prowess.

The Dixit Journey Expansion used to be known as Dixit 3. The images on the cards have a more computerized look than the hand-drawn ones found in the other versions. That’s because this expansion features a different artist. Nonetheless, the pictures are intriguing and inject diversity into the game.

The images are not jarring and do not clash with the earlier versions. They add a nice difference without being too radical. In addition, they are not too abstract, making it suitable for players as young as 8 years old.

Although they blend in easily with the base game and its expansions, the cards have been printed on a thinner paper, suggesting a slight downgrade in quality. However, for a more engaging and entertaining half-hour with friends and family, this is the perfect go-to expansion of Dixit.

You get the most out of this expansion if there are 6 players. It will take less than an hour to complete one round of the game. Most user reviews have shown that this board game is a welcome point at any occasion to have good, clean fun. You can also play this with 3 members.

The color of the playing board is different than the original one. It includes all the basic components to play the game. Hence, you don’t need to have the base game.

Highlighted Features

  • Also known as Dixit 3, this is the Journey Expansion.
  • More simplistic artwork, especially adored by young kids.
  • The cards blend in easily with the base version.
  • A different colored playing board.
  • It can be played as a stand-alone game as it includes all the components.

Things To Consider Before Buying Dixit Expansion

With a list of the Dixit expansions, it’s now time for you to consider some factors before you order one. The following will give you a glimpse of the most important considerations.

Base Game

If you have never owned a game of Dixit, buy the base version first. Without the base version, you may not be able to play all the expansions. Some expansions work as a stand-alone playing board, while others don’t. So, make sure you know your requirements before you buy one.


All the Dixit expansions have artworks from different artists. Many players are hung up on the original artworks by the first illustrator. To bring in diversity, other types of arts and artists have designed the cards.

Depending on the type of art you like – cubism, art Deco, surrealism, mystical, etc – choose your Dixit expansion. If you love the works of Dali and Picasso, you may like the Daydreams Expansion more than the others.

Age Appropriateness

Before you buy a whole set of Dixit Expansions, check the website and closely inspect all the artwork or images on the cards. As these have been designed by artists who come from different schools of art, all of them don’t look the same.

Some of the subjects and themes depicted may be dark and not appropriate for children. There are images showing nudes, so that is also something to be kept away from kids.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why Do I Need A Dixit Expansion?

Answer: When you run out of steam of making clues based on a picture, you need a Dixit Expansion. This adds 84 more cards to your base game, thus upping the level of the game.

With Dixit Expansions, you are forever challenging your mind to look at things from different perspectives and expressing them in various ways. Some of the Expansions also increase the maximum number of players from 6 to 12. You can, therefore, include more people in the game.

One of the most fun parts of getting Dixit Expansions is adding different types of artwork to your collection. As various artists have designed the game, you get a variety of artworks that trigger your imagination and test your creative abilities.

2. Which Is The Finest Dixit Expansion Right Now?

Answer: The best Dixit Expansion for you really depends on what you are looking for. For example, if you want to have a maximum number of players that are more than 6, then the safest choice would be to get the Odyssey Expansion.

On the other hand, if your need is to get an expansion that would not be inappropriate for young children, then you may have second thoughts about getting the Revelations Expansion.

3. What Should I Be Aware Of When Buying A Dixit Expansion?

Answer: You should be aware of the type of art that the illustrator has put on the cards of this board game. All kinds of art do not appeal to everyone. So, make sure you like cubism or surrealism to make the right choice of Dixit Expansion.

Also, beware of images showing nudity or portraying dark themes like slavery or bondage. Young children should not be exposed to such themes and imageries as it might have a psychological impact.

Final Word

Many of us enjoy a good board game that we can play with others. Such games create a space where we can have plenty of fun. Sometimes, if we add cognitive challenges to such games, it becomes even more engaging and enjoyable.

With Dixit as one of the most-awarded board games for the family, it’s hardly a surprise that it has become a household name. The best Dixit expansions trigger our power to think creatively and express them using short clues.

Moreover, the illustrations on the cards are a collector’s item for many art lovers.

There are few board games quite like Dixit. And with the expansions of the base game available, the game has reached a new height. This article has been written to help you choose the right Dixit expansions. We wish you an adventurous journey on your next game of Dixit.

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