Top 9 Best Cap Gun Reviews in 2023 (Recommended!)

Top 9 Best Cap Gun Reviews in 2023 (Recommended!)

Are you looking for the best cap gun toy? I know, it can be quite a hassle. There are a lot of different types available in the market. You can get perplexed by the vast options. It is very difficult to shortlist a few from among them, let alone choose one. But don’t worry, I am here to guide you through this tedious process.

I can bet you will love one of them and you don’t have to spend hours after hours on Amazon.


In this article, I have shortlisted a few of the best toy cap gun you can get your hands on. Reading this will help you to settle on one and you will know which one you should purchase for you.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

Are Cap Guns Safe?

Are cap guns safe?

Since caps guns are used as a child’s toy to play with, this one is a very common question.

Little amounts of explosives are used during the packaging of toy guns. While this is true, you must also know that the level of hot burning gases is very small. Therefore, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Moreover, most manufacturers of toy guns practice a lot of safety precautions nowadays. These precautions are enough to help you get rid of any distressing thoughts.

Do cap guns actually shoot?

A toy cap gun is more like a replica of original guns that can shoot. It creates a loud sound when the trigger is pulled. This sound is similar to a gunshot. Along with that, a puff of smoke is seen rising from the barrel.

FAQs About The Best Cap Guns Toy

Cap guns do not shoot actual bullets. They, as their name suggests, shoot caps. There are a few different types of caps out there. Some of them are single caps, paper cap strips, roll caps, and ring caps.

How loud is a cap gun?

The loudness of the sound made by a cap gun varies. Different cap guns emit noises of different amplitudes and decibels. Some caps guns can produce noises from 110 to up to 135 decibels.

Now, you must be wondering, how loud is 110 decibel? Well, the range of the sound made during a normal conversation is 60 decibels. So, a sound of 110 decibels is something you may hear at a rock concert or when a jet takes off.

How do you load a cap gun?

One of the most crucial problems that people face is not being able to load a cap gun. In such circumstances, buying the gun will be a complete waste of money. If you cannot load a gun, you will not be able to use it.

How Do You Load A Cap Gun?

But there is nothing to worry about. If you don’t know how to load a cap gun, I am here to teach you.

First, you have to open the loading gate of the gun with the help of the lever. The caps are loaded just behind the cylinder. Position them and close the loading gate using the lever again.

And that’s it! You are ready to pull the trigger and have a fun shooting session.

Is it illegal to take the orange tip off a toy gun?

The direct answer to this question is no. It is not illegal to take off the orange tip of a toy gun. But, there is a condition over here.

The Federal Law requires manufacturers of toy guns to put an orange tip at the barrel. This is to differentiate between a real and a fake gun and for security purposes. Sellers are not allowed to take the orange tip off.

But if you, as a person who already bought the gun do it, you have nothing to worry about. It is not illegal from your end. So leave all your worries behind you.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Cap Gun Toy

Now, when you want to buy your desired cap gun, you cannot just purchase the first one you set your eyes on. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before you finalize the cap gun you want to buy. And to do that, you will have to evaluate each factor very carefully.

What to Consider before Purchasing The Best Cap Guns Toy for Your Beloved Child?

Since I have been advocating about cap guns, I must help you through this process too. So, let’s get into the real talk.

The Price

Before you even start looking at options, you need to set a budget. There is a wide range of cap guns out there for you to buy. They all vary in terms of price. Some are expensive, some reasonable, while some are comparatively a lot cheaper.

The type of gun that you buy depends on how much you can afford to pay. That is why at first, you have to evaluate your expenses. Once you are done with that, you will be able to set a budget.

Only then, you should look at cap guns that are in your price range.


The first thing that you should check is the specifications of the cap gun. Does it have all the features you want? Different cap guns have different capabilities.

Some fire 12 ring shot caps while some fire 8 shots. It is up to you to choose which type of cap gun you want. Several guns also make electronic and popping sounds to boost the playing experience.

Therefore, you have to look at the features of the gun before you decide on buying it. If the specifications are satisfactory for you, then you are good to go.

The Brand

Brand value plays a very important role whenever you wish to make a purchase

Brand value plays a very important role whenever you wish to make a purchase. Suppose you like a cap gun. The specifications of the gun match all your demands. Pretty good, right? I don’t think so.

You cannot be sure about the quality of the product if the brand is not well established. The claims that the brand makes may not be genuine. Therefore, I would advise you to look up the brand on the internet.

A little bit of research will not hurt. Try to gather information about the brand. Read articles and find out about the quality of the products they sell. If all the information comes out clean, the coast is clear for you to make your purchase.


Products have a lot going on in their description. You will find a lot of claims made about the product by the seller.

But there is no guarantee about the quality of the product. You should find out if the claims are justified. And to do so, you must read the customer reviews very carefully. Look at the rating of the product.

Research about the materials mentioned in the description. If you find out that the materials used to manufacture the product are of high quality, only then you can purchase the gun. Take a sneak peek tour in our listed best toy cap guns.


Cap guns are usually sold on their own, but some may come with different accessories

Cap guns are usually sold on their own, but some may come with different accessories. While some pistols are sold separately, others may come with ring or roll caps included in the package.

Moreover, accessories like handcuffs, holsters, badges, and belts are also included in some packages. It is not necessary that the sets come with all of these. Some may only have a holster, while some may come with a belt and a handcuff.

If you are fond of such accessories, then you should take a decision considering this factor. Besides, what’s the harm in having some extra elements to play with?

 Top 9 Best Toy Cap Guns Review

01. Parris Doc Holiday Holster Set

51ISB2Sc2IL. SL500

If you are a fan of the 1993 classic American western film Tombstone, then this one’s for you. You may always want to shoot like Doc Holliday ever since you watched that film. That dream of yours is about to come true with this Parris Doc Holliday Holster Set.

Doc Holliday used the majestic .38 caliber 1877 Colt Lightning revolver to take down his enemies. Watching him do so must have made the adrenaline in your veins rush.

A total package of fun

Along with that, wanting to shoot with a revolver like that is something many fans dream of. This holster set is a total package of fun but without the possibility of any accidents. It is a replica of the revolver that Doc Holliday used in the film Tombstone.

The revolver is made of solid die-cast metal compared to the original which is made of nickel. It can shoot 12 shot ring caps.

Caps availability in stores

The caps are easily available in stores or from Parris Manufacturing. The set is manufactured in Italy. A length of 11 inches gives this revolver a realistic outlook.

It is also equipped with a fingertip break barrel action.

The Original One

It looks so similar to the original one that the tip is kept an orange color. This will help you know that it is not a real gun.

Moreover, this revolver comes with a holster and a belt as accessories.

  • 11 inches in length.
  • Made of solid die-cast metal to match the original one.
  • Can shoot 12 plastic ring caps.
  • Orange tip reveals the difference between real and replica.
  • It comes with a holster and belt.

02. Toy Cap Gun: Set of 2 Police Style 8-Shot Revolvers


No matter what your age is, you will admit that chasing people pretending to be a cop is always fun. But real guns are very hazardous. They are capable of helping people commit crimes. Therefore, playing with a real gun is not wise, especially for a child.

This Toy Cap Gun set will make you feel like a real cop. You will be able to chase your friends and pretend that you are fighting. All of the fun, minus the danger.

A fun-filled activity

Be prepared for a fun-filled activity if you purchase this set. It comes with two police-style revolvers. One for you and the other for your buddy. Or, both for you. Even better! You can now be the cool new secret agent in your block and chase the criminals away with this set.

The pistol that comes with this set is a repeating cap gun. You will be able to rapid-fire at your enemy using the cap gun ejector. It can shoot 8 caps. The caps are not included with the set.

Carded with instruction

Each of the blisters in this set is carded with instructions. Be it a birthday party or any themed party, this toy gun set will be the perfect match for any celebration. It will help you to perform adventurous activities without any threat.

  • The set comes with two pistols.
  • Each pistol can shoot 8 caps.
  • Cap ejector allows rapid fire.
  • It comes with carded instructions for blisters.

03. Toysmith Wild West Metal Cap Gun


The Toysmith Wild West Metal Cap gun is appropriate for people of 8 years of age and more. If you want to make your next game thrilling, then this is one of the best options you have out there.

The structure of this toy gun is made from solid die-cast metal. This is an attempt to make it look as realistic as possible. The gripping handle is made from plastic but looks like wood so that it resembles a real gun.

How easy to use this gun?

You will not need to work hard to use this gun. The automatic roll cap makes it very easy for you to use it. After each pull of the trigger, a new cap is placed under the hammer of the gun. You will not have to waste any time while you replace caps.

The gun has a length of 8.5 inches. The caps are not included in this set, but they are easily available for you to purchase.

Keep your children busy

This is the perfect gadget to keep your children busy with. They will be able to use their imagination and exercise their creativity. It is great for their mental growth.

Let your children unravel their fantasies and fight against all things evil with the help of this gun.

  • No effort required because of the automatic roll cap.
  • Made of solid die-cast metal.
  • Handle is made of plastic but looks like wood.
  • It looks like a classic toy gun.

04. Sunny Days Entertainment Wild West Outlaw Play Set


Your children will be in cloud nine if you buy this playset for them. The Sunny Days Entertainment Wild West Outlaw is a 5 piece playset. It is capable of fuelling your child’s imagination and making playtime very adventurous.

This playset has two toy cap guns, a holster for each gun, and a custom belt. It is perfect for dress-ups. All you need to do is strap on the belt and put the guns in the holsters.

The cowboy look that it creates is very attractive and playful.

How easy to carry this gun?

The belt also removes the trouble of always having to carry the gun. Now that is very convenient, isn’t it? Each pistol is capable of shooting 8 caps. The ring caps are not included in the set, but they are easily available.

The experience is made more realistic with popping sounds from the gun with each pull of the trigger. The tip of the gun is made of orange color so that it is visible.

This prevents any kind of accidents that may take place.

Don’t miss out on this one!

The details used in the custom belt and revolvers make them look authentic. Your child will be able to transport her/ himself to life in the frontier within a second.

So, don’t miss out on this one!

  • Set includes two cap guns, two holsters, and a belt.
  • Orange tip improves visibility.
  • Can shoot 8 caps.
  • Popping sounds are heard when the trigger is pulled.

05. Parris Texas Ranger Double Holster Toy Cap Gun Set

The Parris Texas Ranger toy gun set promises integrity just like the original. The only difference from the original is that this set does not fire real bullets. But it is a very efficient toy gun that is fun to play with. If your child is fond of toy guns, then this one is a must-have.

A set of two guns

This set consists of two guns that are made from solid die-cast metal. The metallic body provides an illusion of originality. The handle is made from plastic, but resembles wood, matching the original model.

It is designed to match the guns used in the wild west era so that your child can have a vivid imagination.

Ensure the prevention of accidents

Both of the toy guns sport an orange tip, following the command of the Federal Law. This law is set to ensure the prevention of accidents. The orange tip is easy to detect.

Therefore, the chances of any unwanted accidents occurring are minimized.

The gun offers a 12 caps firing

Each gun is capable of firing 12 caps. The set comes with a holster for each gun and a belt. The holsters and belt are made from soft vinyl.

They look and feel like leather so that your child has a more authentic experience. All these features make it the best toy cap gun.

  • The set comes with two guns, two holsters, and a belt.
  • Each gun is made from die-cast metal.
  • Handle looks like wood, but is made from plastic.
  • The holsters and belt feel like leather but are made from soft vinyl.
  • 12 caps can be fired by each gun.

06. Western Legends Lawman Die Cast Metal Cap Pistol


The Western Legends Lawman pistol is one that is very tough to beat. If you are fond of die-cast metal cap pistols, then this one is mandatory for your collection. Although the main purpose of manufacturing this is as a toy gun, it can also be a great theatrical prop.

Made from die-cast metal

This toy pistol is made from solid die-cast metal. It is designed such that it resembles the pistols used in the Wild West era. The metallic body can trick anyone into mistaking it for a real pistol made of antique metal.

On top of that, the first glance at the handle will make you think it is made of wood. But in reality, it is made of plastic. This adds to the realism this toy gun tries to portray.

The tip of the gun is kept orange.

This is demanded by the Federal Law to make sure the tip is clearly visible. This, in turn, prevents accidents and makes it safe to play with.

The gun is capable of firing 12 ring shot caps. It also comes with a holster and belt as accessories. Both the holster and belt are made from soft vinyl material, but look and feel like leather.

It cannot be more realistic than this, folks!

  • Made from solid die-cast metal to resemble the original.
  • Capable of firing 12 ring shot caps.
  • It comes with a holster and belt as accessories.
  • Soft vinyl on holster and belt feel like leather.

07. Sunny Days Entertainment Wild West Cap Play Set


The Sunny Days Entertainment Wild West is the ultimate playset for your child. This 5 piece play set will excite your child and make pretend play very entertaining. You must not skip this one if you want your child to remain entertained.

Special factor about this cap gun

The most special factor about this set is that you won’t have to choose between a rifle and a pistol. This is because it comes with both! Most playsets only include a pistol. But that is not the case with this one.

But wait, it doesn’t end here. This set also comes with a holster, a badge, and handcuffs. The holster can be used to hold the pistol. Meanwhile, the badge radiates an authoritative vibe during pretend play. The handcuffs provide the satisfaction of keeping the criminal in custody.

How the locks are operated?

Besides that, the handcuffs are equipped with quick safety release locks. I know, you must be wondering how the locks are operated. This playset also includes two working keys for the handcuffs so that you can use it as per your convenience.

The experience will feel more real with electronic sounds when you fire. Both the rifle and pistol are capable of firing 8 shot ring caps. The caps are sold separately but are easily available for purchase.

Ensure the safety with orange tips

Your child’s safety is ensured with orange tips on both the rifle and pistol. This increases visibility and decreases the chances of an accident.

  • The set includes both rifle and pistol.
  • It comes with a holster, badge, and a pair of handcuffs as accessories.
  • Handcuffs are equipped with a safety lock.
  • Two working keys for the handcuffs are included in the set.
  • Electronic sounds make the play more realistic.

08. JARU Wild West Cap Gun

The JARU Wild West Cap gun is one of a kind. This one is perfect for parties and as a gift too. I guarantee you will never regret spending your money on this one.

It comes with a pistol that resembles the ones of the Wild West era. The pistol is made up of die-cast metal to boost the resemblance. Moreover, the tip of the pistol is a bright orange color.

Increase the visibility with orange tip

Tip of the pistol is kept orange to increase visibility. This is commanded by the Federal Law for the prevention of accidents and fatalities by this toy gun.

Besides, this set also comes with accessories. Most playsets do not include roll caps for the pistol. But this one does. It also includes two Gosu stickers.

They are collectible stickers to add to your child’s sticker collection.

A roll cap with 1800 shots

You will get a roll cap with 1800 shots along with this set. Each pack of this set comes with three tubes of roll shots. And each tube has six rolls of a hundred shots. Reloading the gun will not be a problem because your child will never run out of ammo.

Don’t worry about safety because the JARU safety standards ensure that your child is in safe hands.

  • The pistol is made from solid die-cast metal to replicate the original.
  • An orange tip makes it safe to play with.
  • 1800 roll cap shots are included in the set.
  • This package comes with two Gosu stickers.

09. Western Legends Outlaw Die Cast Metal Cap Pistol


The Western Legends Outlaw pistol will surely attract you the first time you set your eyes on it. Not only is it stylish, but it is also the perfect pistol for your child to play with. I would advise you not to deprive your child of this stunning piece of toy gun.

Made of solid die-cast metal

This pistol is made of solid die-cast metal for an original outlook. It is manufactured in Spain. The tip of the pistol is orange in color. This is because the Federal Law demands so. The orange tip can be easily spotted, which prevents any sort of accident.

You will be able to fire 12 ring caps using this pistol. The caps are not included in the set, but you can easily purchase them. The pistol is designed to look like the ones originally used in the Wild West era.

It also comes with accessories.

These accessories include a holster and a belt. The holster can be used to hold the pistol. Meanwhile, you will not have to deal with the hassle of always having to hold the pistol.

The belt will do that job for you. Both the holster and the belt are made of soft vinyl material. This ensures a more realistic design because they look and feel like leather.

  • Body of the pistol is made up of die-cast metal.
  • The set comes with a holster and a belt.
  • Both the holster and belt look like leather because of the soft vinyl material.
  • The pistol is capable of firing 12 ring cap shots.

Final Words

I am going to end this brief discussion on the best toy cap gun here. I can assure you that the products listed over here are critically reviewed. So you don’t need to have doubts about any of the products.

At the end of the day, you are the only person who knows which one will suit you the best. I have completed my duty of informing you about the cap guns available in the market. Now, it is your turn to choose one from among them.

I sincerely hope that this article has managed to help you get rid of your confusion regarding cap guns. If you have found the ideal cap gun by the end of this article, then I can say I am truly accomplished. That’s all, folks!

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