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Connect with other freelancers and start sharing your stories, experiences and knowledge with people from across the globe!

Startup Chat

Engage with 6500 founders from across the globe. Startup Chat facilitates discussions, Q&A’s, AMA’s, feedback and braintrusts.

iOS Developers

A Slack community for iOS developers with 15,000 members (and counting!)


A community for gamers to chat and play video games...and watch cat GIFs

Focus Asia

Connect with community of over 450+ professionals from the tech/startup scene in Asia.


HackerX is chat community of hackers and makers from all over the world to facilitate networking, Q&A's, feedback and more.

PlayWell Space

A home for new and aspiring game makers, and the developers who want to help them.


A chat group for everything Magic The Gathering.

Five Min WatchKit

Five Minute WatchKit aims to give you quick, easy-to-digest advice on all aspects of Apple Watch app design and development.

Maker Hunt

The slack chat for driven product makers from the Product Hunt community.


#Launch is a place to collaborate, discuss new products, find work, get feedback, or even find a co-founder.


Danish developer and design community.

Android United

A friendly Slack community for Android developers with 350+ members and counting.

Bootstrapped Chat

Connect with other bootstrappers, share successes, failures, or just shoot the breeze.

Team Sketch

A community for Sketch designers powered by Slack


Connect with other small business owners. Share ideas, learnings and get instant feedback.


We are building the future of p2p commerce with Bitcoin

Tech Masters

Slack Community of entrepreneurs, technologists in Toronto and surrounding area, focused on Technology, Startups, and Learning.

Hack Cancer

Hack Cancer is a non-profit organisation which is run by a small team of hackers. Put simply its a Cancer Hackathon.


It's a place for Shopify enthusiasts to get answers to questions, network with others and make lasting relationships.

Online Geniuses

Online Geniuses is a Real Time Chat With Hundreds of SEO’s & Internet Marketers as a whole.


Talk to the other frontend devs. Learn from others and ask questions. Share your work and find gigs.

Sass Chat

Sass-Chat is a channel for designers and developers who love writing Sass.


A chat community for event professionals.

Designer Hangout

Join 3200+ UXers from around the world to discuss user experience.

Ember Community

All things Emberjs are discussed, including help, addons, user groups, releases, conferences, and more!

Ruby Developers

Ruby programming language code and discussion.


Developers of Australia & New Zealand! We geek out about technology and coding, all day.


Our chat community #nomads (on Slack) tries to make life better for current nomads and make it easier for new people to do it too.


Connect with other small business owners. Share ideas, learnings and get instant feedback. Find answers, grow together.


A community of experts, consultants, developers, mentors and students using SAP.


#femalefounders is the first women-only community of female founders on Slack. Join hundreds of female founders around the world!

Tech London

Connect immediately with creative entrepreneurs, startups, investors, design agencies, internet marketers & freelancers in London.

Android Chat

Talk to some of the best Android minds on the web today.


A global community of artists and music lovers sharing the tunes they love

Design Talks

We talk about UI/UX Design, Web Design, Illustrations, freelancing, Design critiques, give each other feedback.


Slack community for TV watchers.


Slack community for Product Manager HQ, the leading resource for learning how to break into PM as well as succeeding on the job!


Fan site for Apple Music and Beats1 Radio. Share iTunes links directly on our site.


This is a slack community for Wearable Tech Enthusiasts :)

Movie Geeks

Hang out and chat about movies, or film, or film/movie related stuff. Topics include podcasts, netflix and other streaming services.


We’re creating a global support network of freelancers, for freelancers.

The Spoken Word

Audiobook and Podcast enthusiasts, fans and creators.

Music Festivals

Slack for music festival enthusiasts. It is a place to talk about all things festivals. We have channels for Coachella, EDC, and much more.


A Slack community for React JavaScript Library (including Flux, React Native, etc)

SAAS Alliance

A Slack community for SAAS founders & specialists. Promoting a culture of openness, established to exchange know-how, ideas and best practices.

Mod Talk

ModTalk is for people who mod Slack communities. Join our 70+ members collaborate to make each community a better place.

Equity Directory

An invite-only network of entrepreneurs and service providers looking to exchange work for equity.


A community focused on learning and discussing web development.


If you're a QA, Engineer, Product Manager, designer or any person dealing with testing software/hardware, let's chat!

Radio Slack

Discover & share music on Slack


#people is a chat community for people ops, hr professionals, building better companies and managing humans.

NoCode Community Forum

Discussing the tools and resources for non-technical entrepreneur


The AudioGearz Slack group is a community for music producers.

Growth Hack Midwest

A Marketing Slack Channel and Newsletter for the Midwest


Connect HR Early adopters and HR Tech founders

Women in Tech

Women in tech :)

State of Digital Publishing

Connect with other digital media & publishing pro's.

Gamification Geeks

A community for gamification designers, researchers and students.

Aprendiendo GTD

Getting Things Done methodology users group (spanish)


The first supercar focussed Slack community that is obsessed with sharing and learning everything about supercars and sportscars.

10X Factory

It is an entrepreneurship group for real entrepreneurs.


Montréal-Python aims to disseminate the local Python knowledge to build a stronger developer community.

IoT Geeks

a community for emerging technologies

Sales Development Community

Sales Development, Lead Generation, Modern Sales

Vidyard Community

Sharing insights and discussing the power of video and how it can be used to crush sales and marketing goals!


Digital Nomad Life made easy.


All things finance